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In the Christian West few pious practices are as loved as the Way of the Cross, a devotion which recalls with mindful affection the last stage of. You are here: Home / Catholic Prayers / The Way of the Cross (The Stations of the Cross) Here is the long version of “Stations of the Cross” or “Way of the Cross” with meditations and prayers. . Print Friendly, PDF & Email. PDF | Cross Lingual Information Retrieval (CLIR) system helps the users to pose the query in one language We opted for the method of translating queries for English-Tamil and English-Telugu .. One possible and effective way of handling .

O Jesus, grant us, by virtue of your cross, to embrace with meekness and cheerful submission the difficulties of our life, and to be ever ready to take up our cross and follow You. Station 3 — Jesus falls for the first time. Bowed down under the weight of the cross, Jesus slowly sets forth on the way to Calvary, amidst the mockeries and insults of the crowd.

His agony in the garden has exhausted his body.

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He is lacerated with blows and wounds; his strength fails Him. O Jesus, who for our sins did bear the heavy burden of the cross and did fall under its weight, may the thoughts of your suffering make us watchful over ourselves and save us from any grievous fall into sin. Station 4 — Jesus meets his Blessed Mother.

Still burdened with his cross, and wounded yet more by his fall, Jesus proceeds on His way. He is met by his loving mother. What a meeting must have that been!

Way of the Cross

What must have been the compassion of that Son for his holy mother! O Jesus, by the compassion which You did feel for You Mother, have compassion on us, and give us a share in her intercession. O Mary, most afflicted mother, intercede for us that, through the sufferings of your Son, we may be delivered from eternal death. Station 5 — Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry the cross.

As the strength of Jesus fails, and he is unable to proceed, the executioners seize and compel Simon of Cyrene to carry His cross. O Lord Jesus, may it be our privilege to bear our cross.

திருச்சிலுவைப்பாதை - Way of the Cross( Tamil)

May we glory in nothing else; by the cross, may the world be crucified unto us, and we unto the world. Station 6 — Veronica wipes the face of Jesus.

As Jesus proceeds along the way covered with the sweat of blood, a woman, moved with compassion, makes her way through the crowd, and wipes his face with a handkerchief. As a reward for her piety, the impression of His sacred countenance is miraculously imprinted upon the handkerchief.

O Jesus, may the contemplation of your sufferings move us with deep compassion.

Make us hate our sins and site in our hearts, more fervent love for You. May your image be graven on our minds until we are transformed into Your likeness.

Station 7 — Jesus falls beneath His cross, the second time. The pain of his wounds; and the loss of blood increasing at every step of his way, weakens him; and Jesus falls to the ground for the second time.

O Jesus, who did fall a second time beneath the load of our sins and of your suffering for our sins, how often have we grieved you by our repeated falls into sin! Oh, may we rather die than ever offend You! Station 8 — Jesus consoles the women of Jerusalem. O Jesus, we mourn and will always mourn for you and for ourselves, for your sufferings and for our sins which caused them.

Oh, teach us to mourn, so that we may repent and be saved from the dreadful end to those who reject or neglect you, their God and their all. Station 9 — Jesus falls beneath His cross the third time.

Jesus has almost arrived at the summit of Calvary, but before he reaches the spot where he is to be crucified, his strength again fails Him, and he falls the third time. O Jesus, we entreat you by the merit of this your third and most painful fall, to pardon our frequent relapses and our long continuance in sin.

May the thought of Your sufferings make us hate our sins more and more. Station 10 — Jesus is stripped of His garments. Jesus at last arrives at Golgotha and they prepare to crucify Him.

They strip Him of His garments and mock Him. O Jesus, strip us of all false esteem, conceit and pride and make us humble like you in this life, so that we share your glory with you in the life to come. Station 11 — Jesus is nailed to the cross.

The cross is laid upon the ground and Jesus is stretched upon His bed of death. You had the strength to bear the weight of the cross, to meet with disbelief, to be condemned for your provocative words.

St. Faustina's Way of the Cross

Today we can barely swallow a critical comment, as if every word was meant to hurt us. You did not stop even before death. You believed deeply in your mission and you put your trust in your Father. Today, in the world of Internet, we are so conditioned by everything that circulates on the web; there are times when I doubt even my own words. But your words are different; they are powerful in your weakness.

You have forgiven us, you held no grudge, you taught us to offer the other cheek and you kept going, even to the total sacrifice of your self. I look all around and I see eyes glued to telephone screens, people trolling the social networks in order to nail others for their every mistake, with no possibility of forgiveness. People ruled by anger, screaming their hatred of one another for the most futile reasons. I look at your wounds and I realize, now, that I would not have had your strength.

But I am seated here at your feet, and I strip myself of all hesitation. I get up in order to be closer to you, even if by a fraction of an inch. PRAYER I ask you, Lord, that in the face of good I may be ready to recognize it, that in the face of injustice I may find the courage to take my life in my hands and to act differently.

I always adore the Holy Cross of Jesus Christ: Jesus of Nazareth crucified, have pity on me; make the spirit of evil leave me for all times.

O Mother of Perpetual Succour. I come before Thy Sacred picture and with a child-like conscience invoke thine aid. Show Thyself a Mother tO me now. Have pity of me. Mention your intentions hereOh, grant that we may detest our sins from the bottom of our hearts, and obtain your mercy and pardon by repentance. The images are usually mounted on the inside walls of a church or chapel but may also be erected in such places as cemeteries, corridors of hospitals and religious houses, or on mountainsides.

Prayer O Lord Jesus, may it be our privilege to bear our cross. All: Because by your holy cross You have redeemed the world.

This book is Your Passion, undertaken out of love for me.

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