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The Bhavishya Purana is an ancient text authored by Sri Veda Vyasa Muni, the compiler book named "the History of the Future", shouldn't it contain accurate information because it speaks accurately of the British controlling India, Hitler fighting the world, full story of of Kali-yuga, hearing this you will become satisfied.". The Bhavishya Purana, the ninth in the list of the Mahapurana, is a short He has many articles/poems and books published in both Hindi and English to his. The Bhavishya Purana (Bhaviṣya Purāṇa) is one of the eighteen major works of Bhavishya Purana are based on a printed text published during the British . Purana, considers that marks the terminus a quo (completed after year) for .

By the time, I threw those Chandravaamsin Kshatriyas from my kingdom, from that time onwards, I am organizing twenty lakhs of warriors, which has been fully ready now. You just only organized sixteen lakh of warriors, with their help you will fight with me! Every kings in Varat Barsh pay me taxes, while you only never pay me any taxes. But now, quickly you must pay them, otherwise, with my strongest arrows your all army will be destroyed.

By knowing the facts, there started a big quarrel between them on earth. Though Bhumiraja Prithviraaj , was stronger, he was getting fear of King Jayachandra, and becoming sad in mind. And again, being Jayachandra stronger, getting fear of Prithviraaj at that very moment. King Jayachandra was acquiring half of the kingdom on Varat and last half was acquired by Prithviraaj. By taking this issue, there arose a strong quarrel between them, by which whole Agnivansh got destroyed.

The two brothers became younger to him. In original context it is written in Sanskrit "Dwadas abda twelve years vayah prapta having gained his age Shimha Khela sutaa son vabath thought or gained knowledge. So Simha Khela hinting that he was a person not an animal. So, Prithviraja, when he became twelve years of age, he gained knowledge that he was the son of Simha Khela named person in his earlier birth - to be understood because at same time son of both person Someshwara and Simha Khela.

So some scholars interpreted it in their books. In some books even carried an error in Sanskrit language that "Dwadas abda vayah prapta shimhaleghastoha vabath. Fully wrong depiction of Sanskrit. But I will go with others as it is not possible to be the son of different persons at the same time.

It is the correct one where Khela is play and Shimha as lion translated. By hearing this, Prithviraja got surprised! Ratnabhaanu's has a long line symbolizes the victory and glory which is well spread. Therefore, the wife of Ratnabhaanu, Viramati, who is the statue of wellness, also known as Tilkaa. She is the leading wife among other twelve wives and mother of Lakshmana. King Jayachandra has sixteen wives. But because of luck didn't favored the king from birth, he doesn't have a child.

His leading wife name Divyabibhabari, was the daughter of king of Gauda. The name of the servant that came with Divyabibhabari from the palace of Gauda was Survaanwi. She is very youthful and beautiful, and was expert in doing sex. By seeing her king Jayachandra cannot controlled his sex, so enjoyed sexual pleasure with her.

Therefore as a result, they had a daughter, named Sanyogini Sanyogita, Samyukta. After twelve years , has passed , the daughter , was seemed to be looking so beautiful , therefore king Jayachandra , at that time , arranged Svayamvara , and invited every king of every state.

The strong king Prithviraja, listened the glory of her beauty, and cannot stay still in his mind. By making a mind of matrimonial alliance with king Jayachandra's daughter, he called out his minister, Chandrabhatta Chandbardai Vaat and said: Listen beloved!

Go to the kingdom of Kanyakubja Kannauj and place a golden statue of mine in the center of the ceremony.

Bhavishya Purana English(PB) Paperback - English Paperback - English

The great worshipper of Bhagwatee Devi, minister Chandrabhatta, did as he was told to do. In that great ceremony, of Svayamvara, many kings was present, but Sanyogini left everybody and put her attention to the statue of Prithviraja and said to his father Jayachandra: The statue of which king is kept at the center, he have all qualities and hence he should be my husband.

In that army, there was one lakh elephantry, seven lakh horsemen, five thousand charioteers who were expert in archery, twelve lakh pedestrian soldiers and three hundred kings were going with King Prithviraja. Taking his two brothers, king Prithviraja arrived Kanyakubja Kannauj puree state.

In that army, Dhundukaara was the dictator of elephantry. The chief of horsemen was Krishnakumaara. The chief of on-footer soldiers or pedestrian soldiers were those three hundred kings. When king reached the place of ceremony, there was too much chaos, in which earth was observed as un-peaceful. Up to twenty Kos seventy five kilometers , the army has been expanded in size. Hearing, that king Prithviraja is approaching him with army, King Jayachandra also organized his army constituted with sixteen lakh soldiers.

In that pattern it has been organized, there are one lakh elephantry, seven lakh pedestrian soldiers, eight lakh horsemen, who were all expert in every forms of war and two hundred kings were present to help the army.

The Chandravaamsin kings, being acknowledged that Prithviraja is culprit and a traitor, they organized army in a manner to attack the Prithviraja's army from every direction. The opposite side, on the second coast of Isha river, there kept the sedan of Sanyogini, where there were several musical instrumental players were playing music. Ratnabhaanu had become the chief of elephantry from the side of king Jayachandra and Rupanika, Lakshmana the two chief of army were in-charge to look after the sedan of Sanyogini.

In that war, there began a tremendous fight between; horsemen with horsemen, elephantry with elephantry; and pedestrian soldiers with pedestrian soldiers. In the fight many army soldiers were killed. Only kings were being protected and without any fear, continued the war. The time at which, sun was present in the sky, the war continued. Like this , the man killing 17 P a g e 18 P a g e war went for five days in which , Prithviraja's ten thousand elephantry , one lakh horsemen ,five lakh foot soldiers , two hundred kings and three hundred charioteers were killed in the war and from side of king Jayachandra , nine thousand elephantry , one thousand charioteers , three lakh pedestrian soldiers and one lakh horsemen got killed in the war.

Lord Shiva got pleased and put the army of king Jayachandra into illusion. King Prithvi raja, being very pleased, went near the sedan of Sanyogini. When the king Prithviraja saw Sanyogini, he became very pleased with her beauty and seeing the king, Sanyogini, too got fainted. Then by force, he took the sedan of Sanyogini, with his army men, he decided to go to his own palace situated in Deholi Delhi. While he only reached one yojan fifteen kilometer or four Kos of his way, the army men of Jayachandra who were fainted with illusion of lord Shiva, opened their eyes.

Having not seen the sedan of Sanyogini, those army of Jayachandra ran after Prithviraja with great speed. Hearing their chaos, king Prithviraja kept half of his army there, went to his palace. The two brothers of Prithviraja, taking the half of the soldiers, constituting them in twelve sides of Battlefield, with soldiers they began a fiery fight with those soldiers headed by Pradyot and other chiefs that belonged to king Jayachandra. When evening came, the army of both the sides faced a tremendous destruction.

In the night, the left- over soldiers of Prithviraja ran towards Deholi in fear. But Pradyot and others kept following them and there began another tremendous battle. In that war Dhundukaara pierced an arrow in the heart of Pradyot.

By this, being attacked by three poisonous arrows, Pradyot got wounded so badly that he left the earth died. By seeing his brother's death, the strong Vidyot arrived with elephant and attacked Dhundukaara greatly. By attacking Dhundukaara with Tomara named weapon, he became senseless and fall on the earth. Seeing his brother fainted, Krishnakumaara arrived there on riding elephant. Vidyot cannot take the pain of the pierced Spear on his body, he died. As Vidyot, the chief of the soldier was dead, the Wight and mighty Ratnabhaanu began the war.

By that time, Dhundukaara Dhandhu , with one thousand soldiers, started war with Lakshmana, who is aided by Bhishma and Parimala. Dhundukaara have gained 18 P a g e 19 P a g e Shiva's boon and then he acquired Raudraastra named Shiva's divine weapon, threw towards opponent in battlefield, by which Bhishma, Parimala and Lakshmana got fainted.

Having seeing the act, Ratnabhaanu Raatibhaan , he threw Vaishnavaastra towards Dhundukaara and he got fainted.

Then he engaged Krishnakumaara with a tremendous battle. Both were stronger and residing on the elephants. By the attacking each other, putting their elephants to death, they came down on earth and started fight with Bilbo weapon Khadga - small sword. Being seduced in war, they threw many powerful weapons at each other, thus creating many paths and ways on earth. They got wounded themselves extremely and enclosed themselves towards death by fighting on the battlefield.

Being mourned with grief, gained knowledge that Ratnabhaanu also died, their heart filled with sorrows. By gaining fear of Prithviraja, all the kings went to their respective states and did worship of their Isht Dev.

The strongest Prithviraja then took his left seven lakh soldiers and Dhundukaara and went to his own palace. Having reached his palace, he started the last rites of his own brother Krishnakumaara. And Bhishma, Parimala and Lakshmana reached near the river Ganges and finished the last rites of their father.

The news spread in every houses of the earth. Jayachandra in Kanyakubja Kannauj and Prithviraja in Deholi Delhi did a grandeur ceremony in their respective states and felt the greatness of happiness in their mind.

Then knowing Indra is like the sun, he pleased him by his taap meditation. After one month, Indra got pleased with him and said: After that Lord Indra disappeared from that place. To take an exam, he infected King Parimala with "sarparog". On the fifth month has ended, king became very weak as he lost his energy. But being indulged in that strong sadness, he doesn't left worshipping lord Shiva. When he came to near death, King took his wife to Kashi.

After reaching that place, though he was infected with that high disease, he slept under the shade of a Banyan tree. On that time, a snake which lived under the roots of that Banyan tree made a sweet sound. By hearing the sound, raudrasarpa Raudra snake which has taken shelter inside the body of king Parimala came out from his body and went to meet the snake which was staying under the roots of that Banyan tree.

The snake of the Banyan tree said: Wicked and evil you are! You are every time hurting the king who is worshipper of Lord Shiva. This King also very much foolish, otherwise, he must have drank for getting rid of the disease Arnaala sour gruel made from the fermentation of boiled rice. Hearing this, Raudra snake replied: By getting the body of this very king, sheltering myself in it, I get the happiness of the world.

Hence roguish and wicked! How will I leave the body of the king, because, due to any reason of sadness only, one can left his own home! The king is foolish, because, why he didn't give boiled oil in your shelter? By telling this, he again went inside king's body. After that, the pure queen Malana did what that snake told, by which king got free from the disease and after she had poured boiled oil inside the hole 20 P a g e 21 P a g e where the snake took shelter under the roots of that Banyan tree, she started to dig that hole.

From that hole , there appeared a shiv ling , of which , only one finger of it can be seen from that hole ; which is eternal , bestowed like sky , face of sacchidaanandan true happiness of the world and who have every characteristics present. In that darkest night, glow from that ling spread in every direction, and king was very surprised on seeing it.

He then recited "Mahimna Stotra" by which, Lord Shiva got pleased, and appeared before king and told to king, to ask any boon from him. Hearing this, king replied: Being very pleased, king came in his house - Mahavatee Puri and started to live with Bhishmasimha happily.

After one year had passed, king went to the palace of King Jayachandra. When king saw Parimala, he felt very happiness in his mind, he said: Now go to your residential place and live happily.

If any obstruction comes in your path anytime, please do inform me, I will be there with you always for help. After one paksha fifteen days has passed. Lord Vishnu said: He rode the elephant and reached his home. There they formed an alliance and stayed with the king being very lovable and happy.

After one month has passed, those princess came there to see king Parimala said: Now we 21 P a g e 22 P a g e want to go to our palace, please give us order".

King then approved their proposal. Being very pleased with king, they said: By telling this, they all went to their respective home. The mighty Talana also gave his Vanaras Banaras nagar to his own sons namely: They all had two sons respectively, who were Wight as his own father.

Vasumaan's son Deshraaj and Vatsraaj did worship of Indra and Surya. Yatudhaan named god of Rakshasha being pleased with sons of Talana, produced a divine mare named Shimhinee and gave it to Talana.

There they all lived happily and with respect. By this, being protected by three mighty men, King Parimala felt very respect and honor of himself. After six month has passed, Lord Shiva appeared before him and said: Please make me invincible, by which no kings of the earth can acquire victory over me. Kaliya got Mohanaastra as a boon from Lord Shiva and asked his father with polite words: Please give me order, to have a watch the pure river Ganges with my soldiers.

The face of victory and wellness! Please tell me that, what is the best and greatest according to you, so that I can offer you! Therefore please offer such kind of necklace for me. Kaliya took one lakh horsemen warriors went near river Ganges, and with following every rules of dharma, there he did bath and after that he gave many Danas alms to Brahmins.

After that he went to kingdom that was ruled by Jayachandra. Finding none of such precious necklace in the kingdom of Kanyakubja, he left the mighty Jayachandra like a person who has no wealth.

Then he went to Urviya region where, Mahipati Mahila was ruling that state. Mahila told him that such necklace present in Mahavatee puree. Being addicted in the boon, gifted by lord Shiva, Kaliya with all his warriors surrounds the kingdom of Mahavatee puree. Hearing this, King Parimala, the ruler of the state, went near lord Shiva and worshiped him.

By the command of lord Shiva, King Parimala arranged his sixty thousand warriors.

He send his three mighty and strongest warriors with their army, as they came out of their state and reached to the battlefield. In the army, Deshraaj became the chief of one thousand elephantry constituting in the army, moreover Talana was made chief of pedestrian soldiers. There started a tremendous battle between the two kings, in which, the strong warriors fell down 23 P a g e 24 P a g e on the ground.

The battle continued in both day and night equally and parallel. The army of king Parimala destroyed enemies and having their victory sound again and again so much in war that, hearing it, the warriors that were the resident of the kingdom of Mahismati began to flee with terror from the battlefield.

Seeing the flight of his soldiers, he gave confidence in them to remove the fear. Then after that, taking the leftover of his army, he reached to the battlefield and again his army got ready for the war. Then, by situating Mahadeva in his mind, he called Mohanavana Mohana arrow and threw it towards the enemies.

By the effect of the illusive arrow which protected with divine mantras, all of them fall in to illusion. Thus the left over army of Kaliya got in the battlefield and started beheading the army of the king Parimala. Having seen the act, Bhishmasimha, threw, "Sanga" named arrow which is divine in nature given by lord Surya.

By the effect of the divine arrow, whole army got back to its senses. After that, Bhishmasimha took "Vairabh" named spear and pierced it into the body of Kaliya, by which he got senseless and wounded fall from his elephant to the ground. Seeing, the state of their king, the army were terrified and flee in every direction. Being senseless about a ghadi; Kaliya woke up and taking his own spear he beheaded Bhishmasimha. After, the mighty Bhishmasimha died and reached heaven, Talana and other mighty warriors obstructing him to go through.

Having a sadness in mind, he worshiped lord Shiva through his mind and put enemies into a state of illusion. He therefore, went to his palace. Here - the three mighty warriors, Talana etc. On that time, King Parimala heard about the failure of the enemies, he hugged the warriors and gave them respect with honor.

Hearing the news, King Jayachandra was surprised. He called Talana and made him chief of his army. The wife of Bhishmasimha was the daughter of king of Gurjar Modern day Gujarat. Her name is Madaalsaa. Having heard the birth of the divine son, everybody got happy. Therefore to identify the caste, to know about the future 24 Page 25 P a g e works of the baby and to know his significance of his birth, the king spent huge sum of money.

After Jyotish had finished their work, they were asked to inform about the baby that has taken birth, they replied: There it has been arranged for the yagya ceremony of one thousand Chandi where many kings were present.

The king has many bullocks and on that ceremony two of them got freed and went to the jungle forest.

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Every king tried to capture it but they failed but only Deshraaj and Vatsraaj has ability to capture them and gave it to the king. The two mighty had already in capture of the king's two daughters. Hence king gave his two daughters in hands of those mighty brothers. They got married by following every rules of Dharma. He sent Lakshaavritti named veshya-angana courtesan who was expert in dancing and singing , with her friends who were expert in singing 'megha mallar' named song , five thousand horsemen and forty sedan as a gift to Deshraaj and Vatsraaj.

With huge amount of wealth and servants, fulfilling the marriage ceremony, the two brothers came back to Mahavatee puree. Malana have seen two beautiful wives, and he presented Devaki, the priceless necklace Naulkha necklace and she gave Brahmi sixteen type of expensive dresses with twelve cloths. Being very happy, King Parimala gifted ten villages to the mighty Deshraaj where different types of people of various caste living in it.

On that very place, the brothers lived happily. Having a beautiful moment, the boy took birth from Devaki, whose eyes were like lotus and a divine light is coming out from his body. Seeing that divine child, devtaas with Indra became happy. The sound of Conch shells and joyous victory sound is beating everywhere. The surrounding, consuming every direction, it has a green filled with agriculture, trees, plants, creepers etc.

Likewise, the planetary lords became pleased. The ved knowing Brahmans came there and examined the baby in terms of caste, work and name. They said, the baby has a very pleasant face who has 26 P a g e 27 P a g e taken birth in month of Bhadra, Krishna paksha dark lunar fortnight or waning moon , in Monday Chandrabaar at which the time is of sun rise and the nakshatra residing is Krittvika and he will bring fame to his dynasty by great works.

He is the ansh part of Raam, hence his name will be Alhaad. He will bring fame on this earth by this particular name. Therefore Brahmans told that: When those children got their age of three months, a boy took birth from "shudri" lady belonged to shoodra caste and he was the part of "Shikhandee". He got the name "Roopana". When he returned from the place, on that day King Jambuka caught Vatsraaj surrounded by his seven lakh soldier.

After seizing the state of king Parimala with their army, the two brothers Deshraaj and Vatsraaj came to the battlefield with three lakh soldier outside of the state.

Though , the enemy soldier was seven lakh greater than their number , those warriors raged war with them about three nights , in which many soldier belonged to king Jambuka died. But due to the bad luck, as the king has the boon of lord Shiva for being invincible, those mighty brothers were defeated. King Jambuka tied those brothers and looted the Mahavatee state.

In their looted wealth, they took the "Lakshaavritti" named courtesan for their sexual pleasure, "Panchashabda" named elephant and the precious necklace built with precious stones Naulkha necklace - the chain which costs nine lakh. After hijacking all the wealth, king burnt the place from every side, those persons who were hidden in the place built in underground meant for treasury and other reasons only they had saved themselves.

Having looted all the wealth, the King was pleased and went to his state" "On that very moment, Devaki was pregnant carrying third child in her womb, which was part of Sri Krishna and his age was of seven months.

The "Pativrata" 27 P a g e 28 Page virtuous or faithful wife of Deshraaj Devaki having known that her child "Chaamunda" is the destroyer of the dynasty , she took him near the coast of Yamuna river , near the Kalpakshetra and floated the baby over the water. With the water flow in the river , carried the baby about four kos nine mile or nearly fifteen kilometer , the purohita Brahmin worshipper of Prithviraja named Samanta saw the baby and took him to the house of his in-laws Sasural.

That time from nowhere there suddenly appeared like thousand chariots. Devaki was also amazed seeing the divine that has taken birth from her womb, and every resident of the place gathered were surprised and said: Suddenly there was a divine voice appeared from the sky said: His name will be Udayashimha. He will bring victory over his enemies. On the time , at which the divine part of lord Krishna has taken birth , queen Malana also gave birth to a divine child who was beautiful , black in color , having all characteristics in him , very sacrificial and part of Falguna Arjun.

By the order of lord Shiva, the child has taken birth. Therefore everybody in the capital, fall in to river of happiness on hearing the news of the child's birth. Therefore, the child has given name "Brahmaananda". He was black in color, lotus like eyes, strong shoulders and long arms.

The knowledgeable jyotishis did the caste works of the child and named him Sukhakhaani. Their favorite goddess is Mata Kaali, who was also favorite of their parents. When they all reached three 28 Page 29 P a g e years of age, Indra had a desire to see the mighty Krishnaamsa. Therefore, he rode on his horse and came to see Krishnaamsa who was that time with his brothers busy in childhood games in the forest of Sandal chandan.

Seeing Indra in the sky, Krishnaamsa laughed loudly. On that very moment, Harinee named mare went near the divine horse named Ucchaishrava and beget each other. After having a child produced in her womb, that mare again came back to her own home.

On the beginning of the fifth year those children started their education. Shivsharmaa named Brahman who was expert in all subject, who was serving through devotion and respect became the teacher of them. On becoming eight years of age, Udayashimha Krishnaamsa acquired sharp intelligence among all of them and he became expert in writing his name and letter. Thus he became the greatest learner among the other students and got famous. During that time, king Prithviraja sent his army to Mahavatee Mahoba state for collecting tax.

The one-lakh mighty soldiers, who were decorated with weapons: Now you also have to give your part because you acquired the power now to give revenue. Every kings under the king Jayachandra, with fright give their tax with love and respect.

Now if you don't, then your army will be destroyed by Raudraastra thrown by our army of Prithviraja. Taking ten lakh things, the army came back to Prithviraja and Prithviraaj got very happy and he left out the old enmity from his mind. After that the one lakh army went near the king Jayachandra, bow down their heads and said: Seeing that, they ran out in fear and fled from the place.

Prithviraaj also got fear, hearing about the incident. That time there came many wrestlers on Mahavatee state.

The king greeted them and paid well hostage. When those wrestlers gathered, Krishnaamsa got to be seem very stronger than them. As a part of the wrestlers, there came king of Urviya, Mahipati and his son who was sixteen years of age, present with hundreds of wrestlers owned by him.

He said to his uncle, king Parimala: Krishna seemed to be stronger and abducted in wrestling. Therefore, the king who is great, please give me a chance with Krishnaamsa to wrestle. Because my name is also Abhaya. He is very weak according to your age. There are other wrestlers living in my state, you can show wrestling with them. The reason which I got into my knowledge, I am telling it you, listen! During that time the pandit named Ganesha who was well knowledgeable of all pandits answered, "King!

The son of Deshraaj, was well deserving of it, who got boon from lord Shiva and seemed to be like lord Kubera. He is the part of Krishna.

Hearing this Lakshmana extended his kingdom, Varhismaatee Barhismatee in the east, Bhumigraam village in the west, south till Kalpakshetra and north till Naimishaaranya. Therefore I heard that prince of Kanyakubja Kannauj is all the strongest. In month of Shravana, the day of Naagapanchamee exposes the body of the sons to be visible by all, hence this well deserving boy have to do wrestling with me.

Within a moment, he threw Abhaya's body to the ground and broke his arms. King Mahipati seen the act of breaking arms of his son and find his son laying senseless in the ground.

King Mahipati then taking his sword out send those wrestlers to kill Krishnaamsa. Krishnaamsa noticed that those wrestlers were in anger, hence he fought with them and threw them to the ground. The King Mahipati, saw his soldier who were wrestler fighting with Krishnaamsa got defeated, he took the sword in his hand 31 P a g e 32 P a g e and vow to get killed himself by Krishnaamsa.

King got to know about the matter and he medicated Abhaya and help him to get well and he kept king and everybody in his palace.

On the starting of ninth year of his age, Krishnaamsa, Alhaad and other princes prepared to go for hunting, they started their journey towards jungle.

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Before starting their journey, Krishnaamsa said to king Parimala: Please give us those best horses. We have listened about how Bhishmasingh Bhishmasimha got that mare named Harinee from you. Now we want to listen about those four divine horses which were given to the princes by the king, being well dressed and can fly on the sky. How they were produced? After that lord Surya Sun got pleased with him and told him: He said: I bow towards you, if you want to give me anything as a boon then please provide me the horse that can fly in the sky.

After that, Papihaa named horse, who protects every lokas, have been stuck by arrow of Madana and cannot control his sex and begat with Harinee named divine mare. Which cause divine Harinee to produce pale colored male horse named Manoratha Manohaaraa and black colored male horse named Karaala frightful. The both came same time from that single womb and they were part of Shabya one of the warrior in Mahabharata and Sugriva important character in Ramayana.

After that from the part of Jishnu and Vishnu there took birth two horses from the womb of Harinee. One is Meghapushpa divine name , which is golden in color and was named Bindulaa Bendulaa and other is Balahaak divine name which is white in color like snow and was named Harinagara. This were the first four horses produced from the divine horse Harinee and Papihaa and from those four divine flying horses, many 32 P a g e 33 P a g e horses took birth later. Thus I have explained to you Munis!

How those four divine flying horses took birth. After those four divine horses taken birth on the earth, Manoratha was given to the mighty Devshimha, Karaala given to the mighty Alhaad, Krishnaamsa Udayashimha got Bindulaa and the son of king Parimala, Brahmaananda, got Harinagara.

The four princes went on for hunting in a forest with riding their respective horses. Son of Vatsraaj, Baalakhaani Maalkhan taking his mare horse named Harinee and was also started his journey behind them for hunting and reached that forest. Likewise, Devshimha hunts down a lion, Baalakhaani hunts down a hog and Brahmaananda hunts down a deer.

But every fiercely and strong arrows entered the roe's body and gets destroyed as they tried each time to hunt her.

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Alhaad and every other princes saw this and they got amazed and surprised. Meanwhile, Krishnaamsa took his bow and shot a fiercely arrow which struck heavily on the body of the roe, which caught her with tremendous pain. Being in pain and having fear in mind, Devi ran from one forest to other.

Krishnaamsa, also ran after her being red in anger. Having reached on the next jungle , devi took her original shape , and with a pleased face said to him I have taken an exam for you , if you see and face off any fear in future , just remember me every time on such situations , I will protect you and will fulfil the work , help you to overcome the situation.

As you have no end and part of Krishna, taken birth on the earth. Then Krishnaamsa Udayashimha took everybody and reach home happily. That time, king saw the mighty deeds of them and became very happy in his mind.

From that time the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi Devi, starting to stay in every house. But there clearly stated: So line suggest that, having killed hundreds of harts, the princes gathered them and made their way towards home. Mrigi svarnamayi Bhutva teshaamagre pra dhaavitaa". This line suggest on that very moment Devi sharada came their as a female deer a roe.

Mrigi means female deer, a roe. S oot jee continued Udayashimha who took birth from the energy of lord Vishnu reached the age often , one day all princes became happy as the season of spring came , they all proceed to Pramoda named forest.

Everybody who were favorites of Lord Krishna decided to perform vrata. Therefore early in the morning, they did bath in the water of sea, and gathered incense stick, fruits, flowers and lamp, following every part of dharma they worshipped goddess Bhagwatee. Then they recited Sapta Sati Stotra prayer of Goddess Durga , after that, they all started meditating upon her and only ate radish Kaandamula and fruits. Thus by following such vrata they passed one month and their life had transformed.

They forgot to kill animals and never show violence over them. Likewise, while they performed such staunch penance vrata , Goddess Jagadambika or Bhagwatee got pleased and gave them beautiful boons, I am saying to you all rishis, please listen carefully!

After getting such beautiful boons from goddess Bhagwatee, Malana gave birth to a divine child. He was light dark in color and was the part of Satyaki a vital role model in Mahabharata who participated in the war, took side Pandava and son of Satyaka, devoted to lord Krishna and student of Arjun.

He is mighty, excellent in fight and favorite to kings. There the mighty boy who was fearless in mind saw the beautiful place in which lived four varnas Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shoodra of humans. There everybody leading their life happily. In the place of Dvija Dvija shaala - the place where Dvijaas lived or the Brahmans lived, dvija Brahmans especially Can be Kshatriyas also who took their rebirth , he saw Brahmans.

He was great devotee of Brahmans and Cow who were that time residing that particular place.

He went there and gave those Brahmans, gold as daan alms and pleased all Dvijaas who were like devtaas gods, pure souls and reached the palace of the King which of his uncle, Mahipati.

He bowed his uncle and the members of the king's assembly.

The members got direction from the king to caught hold of Krishnaamsa. They all took Khadgaas bilbo weapon in hand and rushed towards Krishnaamsa. They all fall over him like elephants over lion. The king Mahipati kept the boy in illusion with Mantras, caught Krishnaamsa in an iron net and he himself established over him. In that mean-while goddess Shaaradaa appeared and destroy the illusion that has been created by the king.

After killing one hundred soldiers and after that he took his own horse and rode him, entered inside the state of Urviya. And after reaching to the region, he decided to give his horse some water. There he saw beautiful women gathered there to take water in the jar from the 36 Page 37 P a g e well. He one of the woman - "Hey beautiful lady! Please give me some water.

But that time, Krishnaamsa broke the jar and gave the water to his horse. After that he reach the Urviya forest and won the victory over his enemies. Then he caught hold of his enemies and decided to put them as a sacrifice infront of goddess Chandikaa. He described everything what destruction by son of Deshraaj had performed in his state, with every cause and reason. By hearing this, King got very pleased and happy, he called Krishnaamsa Udayashimha and gave wealth to brahmaana-dvijaas and he touched the head of Krishnaamsa and smelled the head carefully.

By doing such acts, king became very pleased and proud of himself. Being fear in mind, he described every part of destruction to his sister caused by Deshraaj son Krishnaamsa in his kingdom, felt the sadness that has been created by the son Deshraaj and he cried aloud with tears. His sister's name is Agama. Having seen his brother occupied with sadness, he told everything to his husband. Prithviraja heard everything from his wife Agama and told - "I will approach Mahavatee state with my army by today and will kill that wicked son of Deshraaj.

Hearing this king Parimala got scared. Rajendra Hazra characterizes it as "a loose collection of materials taken from various sources" that is lacking in many of the traditional five characteristics of a purana, but which offers an interesting study of vows, festivals, and donations from sociological and religious point of view.

Home Bhavishya Purana. Bhavishya Purana. Channakeshavayya, published in under the Shri Jayachamarajendra Grantharatnamala in 13 volumes. Kannada Bhavishya Purana: Vol 1 Kannada Bhavishya Purana: Vol 2 Kannada Bhavishya Purana: Vol 3 Kannada Bhavishya Purana: Vol 4 Kannada Bhavishya Purana: We can connect the past history happened till date dot to dot as it has already happened and we can match the names with that of the incidences. But future is yet to come. Even though the future incidents are mentioned in this purana, when we see it we will first not believe it because of the different names in sanskrit and hence we cannot pinpoint the exact details.

May be when it happens in the future, then we might exactly match it. But even then I will give few examples of things which is going to come in the future. I myself is wondering how that would be possible? Daityas then constructed several Jalyanas sea borne vessels to Harikhanda China where men were very strong as Devas initially but in a course of few years, a Maha Yudha or the cunning or deceitful battles in which Daityas appealed to Mahendra for protection.

Indra asked Viswakarma to reinvent a yantra machine by using which persons of one kanda continent - chunk of land will not be able to travel to another kanda. Over two thousand years, the established regulations made by Lord Brahma would become thinner and thinner and by the second paada of kali, the old vedic values would be obliterated.

Those humans who live in that period would be two and a half feet tall and their life span would be forty years maximum 5. This kind of situation devoid of customs and social norms would prevail for one and a quarter lakh years.

In the third quarter of kali, the average age span of human beings would be 26 years maximum. A new species called Kaulakalpa-named beings who would not hesitate to eat human beings and would have beastly affairs with mothers, sisters and daughters and with co-males and animals.

In the fourth phase of kali yuga, the average life span of humans would not exceed 20 years and live like water beasts and animals. Then comes the avatar of Kalki, who will go in yoga marga for 16 thousand years and would turn the entire shristi into ash-laden devastation. At that time, there would be cloud burst producing the great annihilation of the Universe under alarming and incessant rain called "Pralaya" After reading this, we might think How in a technology prevailed world where travel has become smoother day by day, this yantra preventing travel from one continent to another might ever happen?

It is not clear at this point, but may be there comes a situation in which the different continents will impose strict rules for travelling in the future. Who knows?????? Since kali yuga is considered to be 4,32, years. But we could get more clarity if any sanskrit expert analyses this purana in detail and interprets them. But since these predictions have accurately happened in the past, there is a hope to believe that it will happen in the future too. Isn't it?? Thank you all for reading.Click to enlarge.

Vol 4 Kannada Bhavishya Purana: During that time, the knower of time - Devshimha reached there from the medium of sky and gave those six brothers their respective carriages. He said to his uncle, king Parimala: At that time Krishna was away to Hastinaapur by the order of Yudhisthira and Pandavas were living on the banks of Saraswatee River. Pitra changed into paitar father , Brathru became bather brother , Ravivar became sunday, Palguni month became february and shashti as sixty.

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Therefore to identify the caste, to know about the future 24 Page 25 P a g e works of the baby and to know his significance of his birth, the king spent huge sum of money. By telling this, he accepted to take the post of leader of the soldier and every fearless soldiers accepted his chieftain and wanted to fight the battle under him, but the king Parimala remained scared of the battle.

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