fanfic pdf - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Now, if you could just hold still, I can, er, give you something to make you. He had request ed t o be rem oved from Team 7 aft er failing t o bring back Sasuke for t he 5t h t im e. Tsunade, who was sit t ing behind her desk, seem ed t o be. PDF | This article introduces the reader to the world of fanfiction and explores assortment of writing styles, fanfic writers discover differ-.

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TV Shows: ER fanfiction archive with over stories. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. This is actually the plot of a piece of fanfic from the s, in which sci-fi fans survive .. ER and the characters of The X-Files clash with those of Breaking Dawn. liminary findings. Keywords social media, fanfiction, creativity, collaboration, co- creation. .. er, but also shows the community itself socialises its members. Re-.

High magnification scale bars: 0. First, we performed immunohistochemistry against BiP, a transcriptional target of the UPR, which is upregulated during states of ER stress Gardner et al.

After 3 days of LL, sections of fic30C revealed increased levels of BiP in retinas and in the lamina neuropils where photoreceptor axons form synapses onto lamina neurons.

BiP levels returned to control levels following three days of recovery Figure 5A and B. In the retina, control flies showed little to no increase of Xbp1-GFP levels, while fic30C flies showed a significant transient increase after one and two days LL. With the Atf4-DsRed reporter, we observed a significant increase of signal in both the retina and lamina of wild-type flies after one day, but no difference in fic30C mutants at one or two days LL when compared to LD controls Figure 5E and F.

However, by three days of LL, Atf4-DsRed reporter activity in the wild-type flies returned to control levels, while the fic30C mutants showed a significant increase in both the retina and lamina neuropil Figure 5E and F. The elevated UPR response in fic30C mutants correlated with the timing of the observed severe defects in the integrity of rhabdomeres Figure 4B.

Figure 5 Download asset Open asset ER homeostasis is disturbed in fic mutants during prolonged light stimulation. B Quantification of BiP fluorescence intensity, normalized to wild-type LD controls, in the lamina neuropil and retina from two independent experiments. D Quantification of GFP fluorescence intensity, normalized to wild-type LD controls, in the lamina neuropil and retina from two independent experiments.


F Quantification of Atf4-dsRed intensity, normalized to wild-type LD controls, in the lamina neuropil and retina from two independent experiments.

For all experiments, significance is indicated for treatment compared to the LD condition for the corresponding genotype.


Our work supports an in-vivo requirement for Fic-mediated AMPylation of BiPT in the context of long-term adaptation to prolonged light exposure. BiPTA replacement mutants phenocopy fic-null flies in both the light-induced blindness and the unexpected recovery from this phenotype.

Functional changes in the SNP component are mirrored in the structural changes of photoreceptor rhabdomeres. Rhabdomere appearance of AMPylation-deficient flies was reminiscent of retinal degeneration mutants Smith et al. It is worth emphasizing that both rhabdomere structure and synaptic transmission recover, as these are not necessarily linked. For example, some mutant alleles of ninaE, encoding the R rhodopsin, or rdgC, encoding a rhodopsin phosphatase, maintain synaptic transmission despite substantial rhabdomere degeneration Webel et al.

Together, our findings demonstrate a seminal role for Fic-mediated AMPylation of BiP in vivo: enabling photoreceptors to adapt and maintain both structural and functional integrity during periods of prolonged stress due to uninterrupted light stimulation. The exact mechanism through which these defects in fic mutants arise remains undetermined, but previous studies have demonstrated a requirement for maintaining normal ER folding and trafficking of transmembrane visual signaling components such as Rhodopsin Colley et al.

We hypothesize this intense demand for proper ER stress regulation sensitizes the eye to otherwise mild defects in fic mutants, and the additional demands posed by the stress of constant light stimulation. This regulation would allow for fine-tuning of the UPR response under specific contexts, comparable to findings in C.

We speculate that the eye requires tight control of BiP activity, to facilitate adaptation of the vision signaling cascade. Under standard LD conditions, only slight differences are observed, presumably because ER stress is low Figure 5C and D , first column.

However, exposure to constant light results in ER stress and UPR signaling which wild-type flies can clear, presumably because there is a reserve pool of AMPylated BiP to rapidly respond to the stress. In fic mutants, we speculate, loss of the reserve BiP results in the UPR dysregulation revealed by the IreI and Perk activity reporters Figure 5C and D as a larger proportion of BiP would be previously engaged and not able to respond to the extra stress.

For the Pride and Prejudice fans in the house, I'm here to tell you that Jane Austen fanfiction exists, which basically proves that some parts of the internet at still good. I've been pretty unrepentant about my love of fanfiction I've written about it here and here , and I'll continue defending it until the day I die.

In fact, I have a couple of brilliant, nerdy friends with whom I like nothing more than to read erotic Harry Potter and X-Men fan fiction out loud, usually at the top of our lungs and in public places. My fanfiction preferences typically fall into the fantasy genre, but recently I decided I needed to expand my horizons. Class up the joint a little bit, if you will. So I went looking for Jane Austen fanfiction. Guess what? There's a thriving Jane Austen fanfiction online community, proving that there's at least a tiny sliver of the internet that's still good and pure.

fanfic pdf

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New Testament Eschatology: Jump to Page. Search inside document. Marges Day Out Were terribly sorry about this, Mrs Dursley, said the uniformed Ministry official, as the large, inflated woman slowly fell to the ground. Documents Similar To fanfic pdf. Rheza Al Blitariy.The research team took its cue from a local practice to rid drinking water of insects and leaves by pouring it through sari cloth.

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