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[Army Book] Dark derscontcyptuhors.gq derscontcyptuhors.gq Views. 6 years [Army Book] High Elves. pdf. Similar magazines. New Books. BOOK REVIEW ESSAYS BOOK rEViEWS. A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. UK. US. Australia Warhammer Armies: Dark Elves breaks down into the four main sections. How this Book Works. Every Army Book is split into sections that deal with different aspects of the army. Warhammer Armies: Dark Elves contains the following.

Alternate take, download some dark eldar. They are currently one of the cheapest armies of 40k and they have great kits that you can convert with relative ease. Whenever possible, give your Crossbowmen shields, for that better armor and parry.

Black Guard and Warriors make great supporting Ranked units, and Black Guard make good flank protectors being hard to shift. Witch Elves and Executioners are great flanking infantry, to be used against Hordes and armored elites respectively. Cold One Chariots and Cavalry are good too and are generally cheaper, but they don't generate as much static CR.

War Hydras are brutal, under any circumstances but are best charging on the flanks. The Kharibdyss is a good flank charger as well, especially against hordes where it can use its Abyssal Roar to good effect. It also makes a decent monster hunter in a pinch.

If you want to take advantage of the fact that Dark elves are a fast and maneuverable army, fill core with dark riders, crossbow men and small units of Witch Elves OR a large unit Witch Elves supported by dark riders always take dark riders. Don't bother filling up on spearmen and sword men as they are expensive in points and real life money, and are pretty weak compared to the suggested units.

Also almost every army will benefit from having between repeater bolt throwers, use these to remove small units that will try and redirect your frenzied units. Cold one Knights and cold one chariots are a similar unit, good for a flank charge, not fully reliable due to stupidity but that is somewhat mitigated by their high leadership.

Hydras are almost an auto-include cheap powerful monster who can grow back its wounds. Lastly shades with great weapons are excellent war machine and wizard hunters, being able to deliver highly accurate shots on turn 1 before hitting hard with I5 S5 attacks.

For your rare choices Doomfire Warlocks we debatably the best fast cav in the game. Stick the Sorcerers on a horse and put her in a unit of fast cav and do the same thing with your BSB in a different unit that is.

For your general you can possibly add a Dreadlord always mount him with lance and sea dragon cloak or you can just use the sorceress Lord as your general though given that most of your army's Ld9 she won't add much. Lastly the Death Hag can be equipped with the cauldron of blood, if you need a Death Star that can chew through almost any unit in the game: mount a Death Hag on cauldron of blood, give her fencers blades for added protection and put her in a unit of 30 Witch Elves in a 30 x 10 formation.

This unit can put out a stunning 50 ASF, initiative 6, poisoned attacks 60 if you use the cauldrons bound spell for ultra frenzy combined with the death hags 5 attacks and the 6 attacks from the witchelves on the caouldren AND the D6 impact hits from the cauldron on the charge.

In addition, causes a leadership test with a -2 modifier. If passed nothing happens. If failed, the wielder has -5 to their weapon skill to a minimum of 1 but gains the Heroic Killing Blow rule until the end of the round.

Warhammer 4th Edition Dark Elves

At points, it takes your full magic item allowance and isn't worth it. Mathwise it's only marginally better than the Sword of Bloodshed and it doesn't fix the main problem most Elves have, they don't have too little attacks, they have too little strength not to mention HKB isn't likely to happen even at the Ld8 you'll be testing at, and isn't worth it when it does.

Chillblade Now wounds automatically. Any unsaved wounds cause a toughness check which, if failed, cause -3 to the attacks characteristic of the model.

Costs the same. Better against high toughness opponents than the previous version, but worse against low toughness opponents. It is, in theory, a very versatile weapon and could be incredibly useful because one of your key weaknesses is strength, and if they are a low toughness highly offensive character, then there's a good chance that they will completely lose offensive power, and generally you will be going first so you can just DOMINATE. Talismans: The Black Amulet Same as the previous version, except it only rebounds wounds in a challenge and costs 60 points.

Use only on a character intended for challenges. Ring of Hotek Now costs 50 points. Grants Magic Resistance 3 , makes any enemy wizard casting spells at the wearer or a unit within 6' miscast on a double 1 as well as a double 6 without making the double 1 Irresistible force. Surprisingly not as cheesy or prone to backfiring as the previous version. Worth taking if you can spare the points. Enchanted Items: Black Dragon Egg Similar to the previous version, except it's 50 points, now grants S6 as well and the breath weapon is S2 with no armor saves.

Still good, but pricey. Gives the wearer Killing Blow and Multiple wounds D3 in the first round of any close combat. For 50 points, a good item, but make sure it's used to its fullest potential on a combat character, preferably a Dreadlord or an Assassin.

Putting it on a model with the Chillblade is downright cruel, and capable of killing a Dragon in one turn as even though you won't be using Killing Blow, auto-wounding at D3 Wounds is pretty much guaranteed to kill the opponent anyway.

Any wounds can be mitigated but your opponent must sacrifice a dispel dice for each wound. A good item for a close-range Sorceress, especially a Supreme Sorceress.

Same points cost and quite a nice boost to help pimpslap the enemy with dark magic not to mention more chance of the dark magic lore attribute kicking in , just be careful you don't go overboard on sacrifices and hamper the unit's effectiveness.

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For max use have a sorceress in a large squad - this will provide plenty of corpses and will also help keep her even more safe from harm. For 25 points, a wizard can choose one of their spells instead of rolling for them if they're using the Lore of Dark Magic.

If you're taking a wizard who's using Dark Magic, don't leave Naggaroth without it. Magic Standards: Banner of Nagarythe Makes all models in the unit with it and any Shadow Warriors including Alith within 12' unbreakable.

Now costs only points, though the previous version was still better. Note that despite it sounding like a slow weapon that would negate your ASF, it doesn't. Sword of Bloodshed: Too expensive for what it does. While it can put the hurt on hordes, a Dreadlord should not be fighting chaff and it lacks the punch to hurt the rare hordes of elites.

Obsidian Blade: 50 points to ignore armour, great for tailoring your list but for an all-comers list you intend to stick to through thick and thin you don't want it. Take if it you already took the Chillblade, Giant Blade or if you needed the 20 points you'd spend on the Giant Blade for something else. Once again, you don't need more attacks you need stronger ones. Fencer's Blades: WS 10 and an extra attack for 35 points.

The Dreadlord already has WS7, and thus this isn't that great when you could bump up his Strength or even his Attacks. Could be good, could be great in a tailored list. Spellthieving Sword: For each wound a caster receives from this weapon, they lose a random spell. Generally speaking facing a wizard in close combat means a dead wizard.

It can really shine on an Assassin if they can take it. Otherwise, not really worth it. Ever since the 8th edition Dark Elves army book this is useless.

Berserker Sword: Bearer has Frenzy and cannot lose it. Gold Sigil Sword: Makes your attacks 10 Initiative in close combat. Maybe for a cheap buff if you have the points to spare. Biting Blade: Armor piercing. Inferior to Strength, not bad though.

Not worth your time. Shrieking Blade: Bearer causes Fear. Unnecessary as characters can just take a fear-causing mount, and most would need a weapon to help them kill things. Sorceresses and the lord version can get some mileage from this if they have to be on foot. Tormentor Sword: Grants Stupidity to a monster or character hit by it. Only really useful against armies loaded up on those options, so it's a tailoring list option that's questionable otherwise.

Warrior Bane: Whatever gets hit by it loses an Attack to a minimum of one. Not a bad selection and a cheaper way to get heavy armour with a nice benefit. Just no, you're Toughness 3, nobody has problems wounding you, focus on armour and wards, not whatever the hell you think you can pull off, and it costs 50 points.

Just no. Redundant when any Dark Elf character who needs it can get the same from mundane means for much less points. A good all-comers choice. Your character will dominate challenges. Nice if that's your plan or if challenges are your fear. Glittering Scales: Light Armor, causes -1 to hit the wearer in close combat. Surprisingly good. Pair it with the Sea Dragon Cloak and you have nothing to fear from ranged combat. Not bad if you think you'll face it. Spellshield: Magic Resistance 1.

Not 20 points nifty, but not terrible. Combines well with a Sea Dragon Cloak and good for Masters. A welcome choice. Enchanted Shield: It's a shield, it grants 2 armor instead of the 1 armor a normal shield gives. It's a great option. Not bad, not great. Very nice option, but it limits your offensive choices due to its 45 point cost.

Obsidian Lodestone: Magic Resistance 3. Pricry, though it has potential. Still okay. Obsidian Amulet: Magic Resistance 2. Dawnstone: Re-roll failed Armor Saves. Not really worth it. Obsidian Trinket: Magic Resistance 1. Still not bad, still not good. Not bad as a way of finishing off those last 15 points. Again, not a bad way of using up those last points on survivability. Otherwise, no go. Pidgeon Plucker Pendant: Misspelled name, odd item. Tailored lists only really. Luckstone: Reroll a single failed Armor Save.

Magic Standards: Rampager's Standard: Reroll your charge distance dice if you want. Wailing Banner: Unit causes Terror. Pretty shitty thanks to the massive debuff to Terror in 8th edition. There's better standards for you. Ranger's Standard: Grants Strider. Ignore dangerous terrain. March your horde wall of death across the map with impunity. A nice choice. Razor Standard: Grants Armor Piercing.

Put it on Special choices. Normally you want to avoid getting stuck in a fight all game, and this'll help improve your chances of winning in all rounds of combat. There's better choices, really if you want movement you should be rolling Lore of Shadow or Light. Lichborne Pennant: Magic Resistance 1.

Decent for a unit joined by a sorceress. Leadership 10 will ensure the Black Guard never leave and it's fairly useful for preventing Frenzied units from charging, or if you're going to have a unit outside the General's Inspiring Presence bubble anyway. Banner of Eternal Flame: Just like most armies, feel free to take this and stick it wherever you want.

Gleaming Pennant: One use, re-roll failed Leadership test. Why are you failing Leadership? Maybe tailored against an undead army, otherwise no.

Scarecrow Banner: Causes Fear on Flying enemies. If you were playing a VERY large game and your entire strategy was magic and stalling for magic to work, you might use this. It's decent though overpriced. Feedback Scroll: Instead of a dispel attempt, you can use this one-use item to roll a dice for each power dice used to cast it.

Great for a tailored list, and worth considering otherwise to take out an opponent's only caster and let you work the winds unopposed. Scroll of Leeching: Instead of a dispel use this one-use to add dispel dice equal to the number used to cast the spell.

Not a standard gear choice however. Feedback scroll is more useful in many scenarios. Sivejir's Hex Scroll: One use, replaces dispel. Enemy wizard rolls a d6, must get their level or lower so a level 1 mage needs a 1 to resist, a 3 mage needs a to resist, Teclis only suffers a 6 roll or they turn into a frog. They can't cast spells as a frog, all magic items stop working, all stats except wounds become 1.

Each turn roll a d6, roll of a and the mage becomes a biped again. VERY fun item, and a surprising thing for such a thing is that it's actually pretty good if you save it for when you can kill that mage in close combat. The image of turning a mage into a frog then an Assassin just walking up and literally stomping on them is pretty lulzy.

Could be fun when you two-dice dwellers or purple sun if the winds are low or your opponent didn't think those last two dices were dangerous. Wand of Jet: One use, increases a casting result by d6 after you're done rolling.

This can help cause a IF and miscast too. It's an extra magic dice in the bank for when you need it, and not bad but there's better options for getting more magic juice. Forbidden Rod: One use, add d6 more dice to your magic at the beginning of your magic phase, but the user takes d3 wounds with no armour saves.

It can be useful. Is alright. Trickster's Shard: One use, start of magic phase. If an enemy mage tries to dispel a spell, you roll a d6 and on a 5 or 6 they take one wound. Not great really. It can be useful sort of if you're rolling a lot of augments at once. At 25 points though, it's kind of a waste. Earthing Rod: One use, reroll the result on the miscast table once. Not bad if you're gonna be blasting away with your Supreme Sorceress. Dispel Scroll: 25 points, auto dispel the enemy spell unless it's an Irresistible Force spell.

Always welcome. Power Stone: One use. Used prior to casting a spell, adds two more bonus dice out of thin air to the attempt. Redundant if any wizards in the army are using Dark Magic. Sceptre of Stability: One use item to increase a dispel result by d6 after you've rolled. Pretty neat for 15 points against another big magic army.

Can net you more power dice, but not a big use item, especially if the Dark Magic lore is being used. Still, 15 points isn't much to spend for that kind of thing. Great for protecting something high priority like a Supreme Sorceress or a Dreadlord on a Dragon.

They also have stupidity. Fozzrik's Fold Fortress: points, so your entire magic item allotment for a Lord. After deployment zones are agreed but before armies are deployed you can put a Watchtower or similar building agreed upon by both players as appropriate, but must be the same basic size as the Watchtower in your deployment zone. Not great but in games with objectives, you might be able to argue your opponent into letting you count this as an objective from turn one.

Take it if you base your strategy around it. Arabyan Carpet: Infantry or monstrous infantry no you can't let your horse ride. Has the Fly rule, cannot join units. At 50 points you may as well just mount up on a Dark Pegasus or Manticore. Not bad and very good on a Dreadlord general. Healing Potion: One use to drink at the start of your turn, recover d6 wounds. Since you have very few characters with enough wounds to make it useful, you should rely on the Lore of Life attribute to heal instead.

Malekith's vassals fled back to the province of Nagarythe with their leader. In confusion over the death of their king and council, the High Elves did not pursue. Near to death, Malekith was taken to one of his mother's temples. His body had healed sufficiently, but, according to the High Elves, his mind was destroyed beyond repair and Malekith was completely lost to insanity.

He knew of the need to lead his followers into battle against the High Elves, but also knew his withered body would not survive the rigours of battle. To that end, Morathi commissioned Hotek, a renegade priest of Vaul, the Elven smith god, to forge a suit of armour that would give life and strength to Malekith's flame-ravaged body. Malekith had the armour, still white-hot from the forge, fused directly to his skin, forming a sorcerous shell granting him immense supernatural powers. From that day forth, Malekith was known as the Witch King, for he truly had become a figure of dread.

Once healed, Malekith was consumed with a bitter hatred for those who had resisted him. He summoned those Elves who were loyal to him to aid him in taking the throne by force.

This included a large part of the standing military, most of his home province of Nagarythe and many other Elves throughout the kingdom who believed in Malekith's cause. Caledor gathered his armies to him and a bloody civil war erupted between the High Elves and the followers of Malekith. Great victories were won on both sides, but in the end the scales tipped in the favour of the High Elves.

Although their stronghold in Nagarythe was nearly impenetrable, Malekith's followers were slowly becoming outnumbered, and Caledor was proving himself to be as skilled a general as Malekith himself. Finally Malekith and Caledor faced each other directly at the head of their mightiest armies. Finally Caledor managed to defeat the Witch King, driving his army into the marches of Maledor.

Desperate, Malekith decided on a final gamble: he gathered his sorceresses and attempted to unravel the Vortex of Ulthuan that prevented the return of the full force of Chaos. As Malekith and his coven began this dark ritual, the mages of the Isle of the Dead intervened, weaving powerful counter spells.

The resulting magical backlash caused the cataclysm known as The Sundering; a tidal wave a thousand feet high struck the northern coast of Ulthuan, drowning thousands of elves and submerging great parts of Nagarythe and Tiranoc beneath the sea.

As the province sank, several of the great fortress-cities of Nagarythe were pulled from the bedrock by sorceresses and kept afloat by their magic. Malekith and the surviving loyalists sailed their fortress-ships, which would become known as "Black Arks", to the continent called the new world and established a new kingdom that they named Naggaroth in honor of their destroyed home. As a result of the Sundering, the overriding obsession of Malekith and by proxy much of the Dark Elf society is the death or subjugation of the High Elves of Ulthuan and the restoration of Malekith to the throne of the Phoenix King.

Naggaroth, Land of Chill[ edit ] When the Dark Elves were driven from the Elven homeland of Ulthuan following a cataclysmic civil war, they fled northwards on giant floating citadels of rock to the dark and forbidding lands of Naggaroth, "the Land of Chill". The name is an appropriate one, for the unwelcoming home of the Dark Elves is a harsh wilderness of frozen tundra and great forests of black pine trees. After exterminating the native barbarian tribes of Naggaroth they constructed six heavily fortified cities: Naggarond: the Tower of Cold, Dark Elf capital and seat of the Witch King Ghrond: the North Tower where the sorceresses study the Realm of Chaos Karond Kar: the Tower of Despair, largest slave port of the Dark Elves Hag Graef: the Dark Crag which is never touched by the sun's rays Har Ganeth: the City of Executioners and religious capital of Cult of Khaine Clar Karond: the Tower of Doom and largest Dark Elf shipyard The Dark Elves also constructed a series of fortified watch towers along their northern border to ensure the forces of Chaos did not trespass into their domain.

These cities have innumerable black towers rising like pinnacles of ice from the cold, hard rock of Naggaroth. Due to the harsh and unforgiving nature of Naggaroth, few live outside the cities and so the Druchii cities are some of the most densely populated centers in the world.

All of these cities are dark and evil places. Their dungeons are crammed with captives whose wailing fill the air and whose moans seep through the thick walls of the high towers, saturating the place with pain, despair and the souls of the dying. At the tips of these towers, the Sorceresses of Naggaroth cast their malign magic over the world. The society of Naggaroth is a hierarchical one, with their Witch King, Malekith, at the top. At his right hand is his mother and rumoured consort , Queen Morathi.

It has been argued, however, that the Dark Elves are in truth a Machiavellian society, with one man at the top and several powerful underlings in competition with each other, all vying for power but simultaneously preventing others from getting it.

Dark Elves 8th Edition Warhammer Army Book

Malekith allows this to continue because it keeps all sects strong by culling the weak, but also keeps them under his complete control. Economy[ edit ] Dark Elves have one major source of income: slave labor. Dark Elves raid all other lands, particularly Ulthuan, home of their enemies the High Elves.

They take food and treasure, but the main purpose of their raids is to obtain slaves. Slaves play an important part in Druchii society, as they perform the menial chores that an enterprising Druchii deigns to be below him.

Slaves also make up the bulk of the ritual sacrifices to the god Khaine. Dark Elves do not value their slaves' lives, and often kill one or two to show the other slaves their brutality. Slave revolts are rare, harshly suppressed, and due to the brutality of the Dark Elves, usually only the "new stock" have the will to participate in any revolt.

The only "successful" revolts usually occur at sea, aboard either the slave ships or the Black Arks. In the former case, the surviving slaves tend to sail the captured ship to their freedom. In the latter case, the slave revolt is usually focused on stealing ships and escaping rather than taking over the Black Ark. The Dark Elves take to sea in their Black Arks which are huge floating citadels of stone.

Kept afloat by magic, the Black Arks travel far and wide to procure slaves. Each Black Ark is home to a small army of Dark Elf raiders and a small fleet of raiding vessels. Games are typically played on a relatively flat surface such as a dining table, bespoke gaming table, or an area of floor.

Perturabo soon devised and enacted the one real victory for the Iron Warriors in the immediate aftermath of the Horus Heresy. Basically Warhammer Fantasy is due for an update to its 9th edition. Warhammer Fantasy: 9th Edition, Bretonnians, Undead, Chaos, and Starter Set With all this talk about the new edition of Warhammer 40k, its important not to miss out on the other releases going on in Warhammer Fantasy.

View this Content rated 4. The rest of and early is shaping up to be an exciting time for Warhammer Fantasy players. Warhammer 9th ed will indeed focus on a smaller-scale, Skirmish form of Warhammer. On the other hand, I dont like them because the. Warhammer 40k is a franchise created by Games Workshop, detailing the far future and the grim darkness it holds.

Sadly, they aren't me, but if they switch to 9th edition". Share with: Link: Copy link. All lists will come from ITC events. The only complicating factor is that there is some rumor that Brettonians may be dropped in the 9th edition. In fiction and in rules, it looks like Warhammer Fantasy Battles is having an apocalyptic meltdown - here's what's happening and what might They plan to make wood elf models for the 9th Age! My review of the models : -The forest Prince look very cool very nice cape -The eagles are stunning!!!

Black Library is a division of Games Workshop. As far as I know Age of Sigmar is an introduction game before 9th edition start. They have always been 8 points, but now the controlling player gets to chose which models die first, regardless of positioning. You can always pick up older rulebooks and army books for cheap afterward, but I'd strongly recommend going with the most recent which in this case means waiting a couple months for the release of 9th edition.

Elves in 9th Edition The rumours surrounding the upcoming still a ways off mind reboot of Warhammer Fantasy all point to moving the timeline forward by about years post End-Times and a consolidation of armies from the current 14 to 6 factions which will be amalgamations of current armies e.

We have 5, articles since August Space Hulk: Deathwing [official site] finally has a release date, announced today by publisher Focus Home: December 9th. Latest puzzle piece. Would you rather wait 6 months for the 7th edition 40k? On the Warhammer Fantasy side of things, 9th edition not happening in Current word puts 9th edition around the summer of I agree with the assessment that we are likely going to see all 8th edition armies revamped.

Post your thoughts on building, painting and gaming in the Warhammer 40, universe, and share pictures of your own miniatures with the thousands of hobbyist in the global Warhammer 40, community. Warhammer 40k 9th Edition rumours are starting to do the rounds, so with this in mind I thought I'd share my thoughts and ask the question, Do we actually need a 9th edition yet?

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[Army Book] Dark Elves.pdf

Pre-Order your High Elves now! Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age is an independent table top miniature wargame set in a fantasy world, in which players take control of armies and set them upon one another in conflicts ranging from minor skirmishes to mighty battles with hundreds of models. After months of rumours the rules for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar were finally published online through the means of scans and digital photography.

So no Inquisition game or Blood Bowl in October it seems, a little sad. The past few months have seen a lot of navel-gazing as people have tried to work out where Warhammer has going, first with the End Times and then with 9th Edition. Thanquol is definitely worth the asking price of either the physical or digital version and is a huge game changer for multiple Warhammer armies.

The fiction is fabulous and the mechanics in this entry are a lot of fun. We Collect no data about you save for that captured by a cookie to provide us with anonymous information about site navigation.

We also have a ton of info on the Dwarves which are allegedly coming next month, and finally a The rumor mill is stirring things up yet again with more Warhammer 40K 8th edition info — Prepare your salt shakers! The first edition of the rulebook was published in October ; the latest edition is the eighth, which was published in June A few of these are taken straight from the recent rumours for Warhammer Fantasy 9th edition.

By subscribing you confirm that you are over the age of 13 or have consent from your parent or guardian to subscribe. The two models being shared today are a pair that have been around for some time. That's why GW is planing some radical changes in the comming WFB 9th thisedition will be publiched this or next year.

Rumours come from Darnok Warseer , who is usually known as a reliable source. I thought it was rumored that 9th was a sort of reboot after The End Times. Abominations against nature, the Death Guard advance within clouds of flies, their weapons spitting death, their miasma spreading every strain of virulent, warp-spawned disease. Download: Warhammer 40k rulebook 8th edition pdf so the digital rulebook is available for pre order.

Deathwing is a new FPS adaptation of Games Workshop's Warhammer 40k spin-off, with Space Marines tromping onto colossal warped spaceships to salvage ancient treasure and smash aliens.

Welcome to Librarium Online! Tune in and enjoy the random ramblings of two Cardiff players and special guests from the hobby! My local store is organising on friday the 12th a warhammer tournament beginning at 8.

The new starter set for warhammer fantasy 9th edition set to be. Rumours We Can Trust As we creep closer and closer to the release of 9th edition Warhammer Fantasy 20th of June is where recent rumours pout it the rumours become more and more reliable.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar often abbreviated as Age of Sigmar or AoS is a fantasy tabletop miniature wargame from Games Workshop that simulates battles between armies by using miniature figurines. This week the Falcon and the Heffelman cover the six! Rumours abound that all the greater daemons will be replaced with new and suitably scaled-up plastic kits sometime around February, so I'm going to use this guy as a Herald of Nurgle, with him counting as riding a palanquin.

I would have liked to see any of those games being true. There's been some interesting rumours floating around the interwebs at the moment concerning the upcoming 9th edition of Warhammer in the next couple of months. To contact us either send an email to contact blacklibrary. Warhammer 40, has had eight epic editions to grow and expand. The rumor Warhammer 9th Edition: Skirmish?

I've noticed a few rumours going around about Warhammer Fantasy. The other not so much rumour that has come to light is the icon on the Warhammer App for iPads and Android devices has changed from an Imperial Eagle.Dire animals show up plenty, but what about flora? Thinking them dead, Aenarion in a bloodthirsty rage, drew the Sword of Khaine from its resting place and waged a new war of vengeance on the forces of Chaos.

Great victories were won on both sides, but in the end the scales tipped in the favour of the High Elves. More fluff, More arts, 3 endless spells, 4 Chapter rules, Traits, relics, Special terrain.

Kingdom is like Game Of Thrones in that it blends costume drama, medieval action, and fantasy horror. Now watch as the graphics take an equally brutal turn as we dial them back to zero.

New stretch goal idea for the pledge goal. We have 5, articles since August Modern Fantasy:

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