Anne Frank's The Diary of a Young Girl is among the most enduring For those who know and love Anne Frank, The Definitive Edition is a. fulfil this objective, the book 'The Diary of Young Girl by Anne Frank' has been prescribed for the students of class X. The book presents before them a reality that. 𝗣𝗗𝗙 | On Dec 18, , Luisse Zanther Carreos and others The Diary of Anne Frank provided illustrations and narratives of how they.

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PDF of the book is available on this link: AnneFrankTheDiaryOfAYoungGirl_/Anne-Frank-The-Diary-Of-A-Young- PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have Anne Frank kept a diary from June 12, , to August 1, In the scholarly work The. THE DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL: THE DEFINITIVE EDITION Anne Frank Edited by Otto H. Frank and Mirjam Pressler Translated by Susan Massotty BOOK FLAP .

All of them carried bags filled with their things. Naturally, Anne took her diary.

Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl

Much later, she looked back and wrote: My happy-go-lucky, carefree school days are gone forever. The hiding place was located in an empty section of a building owned by Otto Frank's company. While business continued, as usual, in the front part of the building, there were people hiding in the annex at the back. The entrance to the Secret Annex was hidden behind a movable bookcase. July 5, "Its a wonder I havent abandoned all my ideals, they seem so absurd and impractical.

Yet I cling to them because I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are truly good at heart. Its utterly impossible for me to build my life on a foundation of chaos, suffering and death.

I see the world being slowly transformed into a wilderness, I hear the approaching thunder that, one day, will destroy us too, I feel the suffering of millions.

And yet, when I look up at the sky, I somehow feel that everything will change for the better, that this cruelty too shall end, that peace and tranquillity will return once more. The people in hiding were helped by Otto Franks four employees: They arranged the food supplies, clothing, books, and all sorts of other necessities. In addition, they kept the people in hiding up-to-date with the news from Amsterdam.

Jews who did not turn up were arrested. The people in hiding were already anxious and depressed, so the helpers did not always tell them about everything going on in the outside world. Friday, August 4, , is a day like any other day. The helpers were working in the office in the front part of the building. Upstairs, the people in hiding were quietly going about their business.

Suddenly, out front on the Prinsengracht, a vehicle halted. Out jumped an SS-officer and three Dutch policeman. They entered the building and went directly to the office.

Victor Kugler escorted them to the Secret Annex. The people in hiding had been betrayed. It was around ten-thirty.

I was upstairs with the Van Pelses in Peters room and I was helping him with his schoolwork. I was showing him the mistake in the dictation when suddenly someone came running up the stairs.

The stairs were squeaking, I stood up,because it was still early in the morning and everyone was supposed to be quiet - then the door opened and a man was standing right in front of us with a gun in his hand and it was pointed at us. Otto Frank The people in hiding and the two male helpers were arrested and taken for interrogation to a jail run by the Germans. The two helpers were later transferred to the city prison. Miep Gies and Bep Voskuijl were left behind on the Prinsengracht.

They rescued Anne Frank's diary papers. After the arrest the Anne and Peters families and two helpers were taken to the Headquarters of the German security police.

Somebody called the German Security Police to tell them that Jews were in hiding at Prinsengracht.

Exactly who that was has never been discovered. This is a question that many people still want answers to. There were certain suspicions and a first investigation was conducted in Fourteen years later, once again, an attempt was made to unravel the mystery of who was responsible for the betrayal. The most common suspicion was that the warehouse men, who had not been told anything because they could not be trusted, had betrayed the family.

Two years later, another writer, Carol Anne Lee, presents a new theory in her biography about Otto Frank. She believes the guilty party is Tony Ahlers, an acquaintance of Otto Frank.

In , the famous Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal found Silberbauer, the policeman who had captured the Franks, in Vienna Austria where he was still working as a policeman.

Silberbauer remembered many of the details of the arrest, but not who the betrayer was. The person who had taken the telephone call, his boss, Julius Dettman, committed suicide shortly after the war ended.

Silberbauers police duties were suspended during the course of the investigation, but, because he had "only followed orders during the arrest and had "acted correctly, he was given his old job back. He died in Because they did not report voluntarily, but had to be arrested, they were assigned to barracks in the punishment block.

They had to work all day breaking up old batteries. Even though it was grimy and unhealthy work, the prisoners could still talk to each other. Deportations Freight trains filled with prisoners left regularly for unspecified destinations in the East. A long list of prisoners names was read aloud on September 2, These people had to depart the next day. The names of the eight people in hiding were also on this list.

Camp Westerbork Westerbork was a transit camp from where Jews, gypsies, and members of the Resistance in the Netherlands were deported to the concentration and extermination camps.

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Of course, all of us had to work in the camp, but in the evenings we were free and we could be together. For the children especially, there was a certain relief; to no longer be cooped up and to be able to talk to other people. However, we adults feared being deported to the notorious camps in Poland.

On the morning of September 3, , a very long train, made up of freight goods wagons leaves Westerbork. There are more than 70 prisoners packed into each wagon. Among the Jewish prisoners are also the eight people from the Secret Annex. After a dreadful train trip, lasting three days, they arrive at Auschwitz-Birkenau. The Fate of Anne and Margot Again and again small groups of survivors returned from different concentration camps and I tried to hear something from them about Margot and Anne.

I found two sisters who had been with Margot and Anne in Bergen-Belsen. They told me about the final sufferings and the death of my children. It took a few days before Otto Frank found the strength to tell his family that his daughters, Anne and Margot, were dead. Active Themes February 27th. The Annex dwellers strive to keep their hopes up regarding the war — Mr. Frank is hopeful for an imminent Allied invasion of German territories. Meanwhile, Mr.

Kugler and Mr.

Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank Novel

Kleiman's landlord has sold their building the one containing Opekta's offices, warehouses, and the Secret Annex , and Anne is fearful that the new landlord will demand to inspect the mysterious upper floors of the building where the Annex is hidden.

On a meta-textual level, it's important to note that Mr. Frank is closely following the Allied invasion all throughout his time in the Annex. He keeps a map pinned to the wall, and marks the Allies' movements with thumbtacks. This is just one of the ways the residents of the Annex work to keep hope alive. Download it! March 10th. Power in the Annex has temporarily short-circuited, and warplanes roar overhead through the night. Anne has taken to crawling into bed with her father for comfort.

Upon inspection, it's found to be nothing more than rats.

Mouschi the cat is put in the attic to keep the rats at bay. The war has conflicting effects on Anne. On the one hand, it forces her to grow up in ways that she wouldn't have otherwise. On the other hand, it often sends her reeling back into childhood — as evidenced here, when she climbs into her father's bed for comfort.

Dangers real and imagined continue to plague the inhabitants of the Annex. Active Themes March 12th.

Food supplies are running short. The Annex dwellers are subsisting largely on beans which Anne is sick of at this point , and their evening ration of bread has been canceled.

Anne's father seems depressed. Anne has outgrown her shoes, and new ones will have to be found on the black market. This passage offers one of the diary's few glimpses into Mr.

Frank's "inner self. One might speculate that Mr. Frank is filled with dread that his family might not survive the war. The fact that Anne has outgrown her shoes offers an explicit reminder that she continues to grow and mature, in spite of everything. Active Themes March 19th. The Annex dwellers are dismayed after a rumor that Turkey has entered the war is proven false. Meanwhile, it's discovered that Mr. Dussel has been disobeying the Annex rules — he's carrying on correspondence with a number of outsiders in addition to his Christian girlfriend, Charlotte.

The adults in the Annex try to talk him out of doing this, to little avail. Dussel's greed is a constant source of consternation for Anne. Yet at the same time, can he really be blamed for his actions? Separated from his family and his beloved Charlotte, it seems to make sense that Mr. Dussel would write more letters than he should.

It's likely that Mr.


Dussel feels as isolated as Anne, if not more so. Active Themes March 25th. Peter and Margot overhear some noise in the warehouse and panic spreads through the Annex. It's speculated that burglars were poking around the warehouse, and that they fled when they heard the Annex dwellers' footsteps. No one in the Annex sleeps much that night.

This is the first of several burglaries in the Opekta warehouse. The inhabitants of the Annex are desperate to create the illusion that the Annex is uninhabited — the burglars jeopardize this illusion, given that the police might be summoned which might lead to a search of the premises.

Active Themes March 27th. Anne hears a speech by Rauter "some German bigwig" calling for the extermination of Jews from the province of Utrecht over the course of the next month. Anne is horrified to the point that she has to stop writing about it.

Their horrific treatment stands in stark contrast to the kindness shown to the Annex dwellers by their allies Miep, Mr. Kugler, etc. Active Themes April 1st. The Annex dwellers' outside support system is faltering. Kleiman has fallen ill, and has to be bedridden for the next three weeks.

Bep has come down with the flu, and Mr. Voskuijl has to have surgery for a stomach ulcer. The tenuousness of the Annex's inhabitants' safety and survival is exemplified in this passage. What would have been a simple inconvenience in peacetime becomes a life-or-death matter in wartime.

Active Themes April 2nd. One night, Mrs. Frank comes into Anne's bedroom and asks if Anne wants to say her prayers with her instead of Mr.

Anne declines, and Mrs. Frank bursts into tears. Frank is angered by Anne's behavior. At the same time, she kept up her original diary. On August 4, , the eight people hiding in the Secret Annex were arrested. He selected material from versions a and b, editing them into a shorter version later referred to as version c. Readers all over the world know this as The Diary of a fauna Girl. In making his choice, Otto Frank had to bear several points in mind.

To begin with, the book had to be kept short so that it would fit in with a series put out by the Dutch publisher. Out of respect for the dead, Otto Frank also omitted a number of unflattering passages about his wife and the other residents of the Secret Annex. Anne Frank, who was thirteen when she began her diary and fifteen when she was forced to stop, wrote without reserve about her likes and dislikes. Because the authenticity of the diary had been challenged ever since its publication, the Institute for War Documentation ordered a thorough investigation.

Once the diary was proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, to be genuine, it was published in its entirety, along with the results of an exhaustive study. This new edition in no way affects the integrity of the old one originally edited by Otto Frank, which brought the diary and its message to millions of people. The task of compthng the expanded edition was given to the writer and translator Mirjam Pressler.Meanwhile, it's discovered that Mr.

Of the eight, only Otto Frank survived the war. Chesal New Brunswick, NJ: Rupam Das. If our descendants are to understand fully what we as a nation have had to endure and overcome during these years, then what we really need are ordinary documents.

With ample evidence, American writers Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett have been accused of stripping Anne of her Jewish identity and position as Holocaust victim. The whole Annex is quarreling.

WordPress Shortcode. While editing her original text during the spring and summer of , Anne continued to document and reflect upon her experiences in hiding. Its utterly impossible for me to build my life on a foundation of chaos, suffering and death.

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