Page 1 Breakfast Selection. Page 2 Lunch . popular in South India and always on the menu. Kalaan dosa-like dish made by cooking ingredients in a batter. INDIAN BREAKFAST RECIPES (TIFFIN VARIETIES): Over + simple to make Indian breakfast Idli and Dosa are popular breakfast items from South India. Mar 14, Breakfast Veg Recipes: Mendu Vada, Vegetable Cheese Sandwich with We don't need to tell you much about South Indian breakfasts.

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Dec 29, collection of top 30 south indian breakfast recipes. south indian cuisine is very vast as it comprises of cuisines from the five south indian states. Meatless Monday's registered dietitian and recipe editor, Diana Rice, has selected the eight recipes on . Upma is a traditional South Indian breakfast. Although. Dec 20, I have put in lot of efforts and compiled Simple and Easy Breakfast Recipes in one place. You have South Indian Breakfast recipes, North.

So these tiffin items can also cater as dinner recipes. These easy breakfast recipes are categorized and segregated into multiple lists. Clicking See More You can use these breakfast items as your simple tiffin dishes or consider it as your lite dinner ideas. Do try and enjoy your healthy and happy meal. Idli and Dosa are popular breakfast items from South India.

Idlis are savoury soft cakes and dosas are crispy crepes. While the basic idli and dosa is made on a regular basis, people love making many variants often. Each region has its own variants too. It is served with chutney varieties, podi and sambar. In Northern India, wheat is a staple food and hence there are many flat breads made with wheat flour included in their cuisine. These flatbreads are known as Rotis. Rotis are usually grilled, fire roasted, roasted in the tandoor or fried.

It can be spiced up or stuffed.

Here is a list of such roti varieties. There are also a few South Indian Roti varieties included. Noodles and pasta have become a favourite among kids in the past few decades. In China and Japan, noodles are freshly made. Similarly, in Italy where pasta originated, it is freshly made. In India however it is sold in dry form in supermarkets.

People love to cook it and mix it up with their favorite sauces and spices. Here are some tasty ideas. These are the simplest tiffin items to make during week days which is not only tasty but very filling.


It doesn't need any planning ahead and lot of preparation. Most of them don't even need a side dish. Traditional recipes that were made for breakfast by our ancestors used to be healthier and simpler. All of them were made with easily available native ingredients.

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Most of these dishes were steamed or boiled. Our great grandparents never faced health issues like obesity, high cholestrol etc. It is important to develop a taste for such dishes for a very young age itself. In olden days, people had to toil hard to earn their bread. In fact they did not spend so much time in cooking as we do today.

Most of their meals included dishes which were quite filling and healthy. It should also be easy to prepare for the entire family. Porridges are one such option. It was packed with nutrition. Porridges are made with different grains in different places but all of them are tasty. Dumplings are made in so many different ways in Indian cuisine.

Each state has different dumplings, most of which are steamed. Dumplings are steamed as such or stuffed in fresh leaves before steaming.

Commonly used leaves are banana leaves, therali ilai, coconut leaf, turmeric leaf, jack leaf etc. The leaf imparts unique flavour to the dumplings. Our ancestors in India served these as a breakfast dish or as an evening snack with tea.

Regular breakfast at homes must be quick and simple. However, you should always treat yourself on special days and week ends with some exotic tiffin varieties. These fancy looking breakfast options may take a little extra time to prepare but you don't have to depend on restaurants to enjoy them. They can be made easily at home. Our Indian cuisine has numerous tiffin options to make for breakfast, snack or dinner. However we cannot deny the fact that today's generation is attracted towards western food.

It is a good idea to include such dishes once in a while to the menu.

This will not only add to the variety but also keep up the interest in eating. Most International tiffin options can be easily made in our Indian kitchen easily. Also the ingredients are widely available these days. Breakfast and Tiffin Varieties Share.

Roti Varieties In Northern India, wheat is a staple food and hence there are many flat breads made with wheat flour included in their cuisine. Noodles and Pasta Varieties Noodles and pasta have become a favourite among kids in the past few decades.

Upma, Kichadi and Pongal Varieties These are the simplest tiffin items to make during week days which is not only tasty but very filling. Traditional Tiffin Varieties Naatupura Samayal Traditional recipes that were made for breakfast by our ancestors used to be healthier and simpler. Porridge Varieties Koozh, Congee In olden days, people had to toil hard to earn their bread. Exotic Tiffin Varieties Regular breakfast at homes must be quick and simple.

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3 BEST South Indian Breakfast Recipes - Idli - Dosa - Medu Vada - Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Sir I have a restaurant ,,and I want a South Indian cook. Nice recipes. Thank u very much for the detailed list of Indian dishes. Thanks Soumya.

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I don't have a stove and the food from hotel is not affordable from my salary throughout the month. Do you have any recipes that can be easily prepared without stove and keeps me without hungry.

I'm from South India. Except for Brahmins and a couple of non-Brahmin castes, most Tamilians eat non-vegetarian food. However, on a typical day, a Tamil family will eat mostly vegetarian food, and the intake of meat is lower than in most parts of the world.

Restaurants serving Tamil food are traditionally of two types: so-called Saiva restaurants serving only vegetarian food and so-called Asaiva restaurant serving both non-vegetarian and vegetarian food. Saiva restaurants serve people from all castes and religions. Fresh coffee and tea remain a staple drink served in both restaurants.

Gravy dishes to be mixed in rice[ edit ] First are the dishes that necessarily are mixed with rice. The sub-categories under this head are: kuzhambu , sambar , paruppu , rasam , and thayir. There is a great variety of dishes under each sub-category. For example, under "kuzhambu", common dishes include puli kuzhambu, vaththal kuzhambu, Molagu kozhambu, payarru kuzhambu, and mor kuzhambu.

Non-vegetarian kuzhambu include chicken and fish curries are also now commonly mixed with rice meals.

Accompaniments[ edit ] Foods in the second category are the side dishes that accompany such mixtures, including kootu , poriyal , varuval, thokku, aviyal, usuli, oorukaai , vadaam, vaththal and Pappadam. Standalone snacks[ edit ] In the third category are the short snacks and their accompaniments, including vada , bonda , bajji , various chutneys , and thayir Pachadi.

Dessert[ edit ] The fourth category encompasses the rich, sweet dishes that serve as desserts, including payasam , Kesari, thirukannamidu, sarkarai Pongal, Akkaravadisil, Theratti Paal and a plethora of other Indian sweets.

Fast foods, or light meals[ edit ] The fifth category includes "tiffin," or light meals, which includes various types of idlis , dose , poori , pongal , uppma , idiyappam , aappam , adai , parotta , and paniyaram. Preparations from the fifth category are served for breakfast and early dinners, but usually not as a midday meal. Tamil cuisine offers primarily light breakfast, lighter dinner, a heavy midday meal and evening snacks, often served with tea or coffee.

The rasam is mixed with rice, usually eaten accompanied by crisps.

13 Best South Indian Breakfast Recipes | Easy South Indian Breakfast Recipes

The last of the courses will invariably be rice with curd or yogurt, usually taken along with pickles. Throughout the meal, the side dishes are served and eaten with the courses, depending upon one's taste or choice. Side dishes are constantly replenished during any meal. Desserts are served as the last course. After the meal, guests retire to the living room and conclude with bananas and freshly made paan , consisting of betel leaves, betel nuts and lime. Paan is considered a digestive aid.

Tamil non-vegetarian meals are similar, except that the first and second courses are usually replaced by various biryanis and non-vegetarian gravies.For the weekends. To embellish this unique preparation, it is served with hot sambhar and coconut chutney. Mix all ingredients. Cover with 3. Pour into a kadhai on medium heat.

Spruce it up with some coconut chutney and serve piping hot. Take off grains give your 2tsp olive oil pan.

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