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His new wife, in her apparent guilt over the matter, had tearfully confessed everything to him.

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The Dueling Rock, at dawn, Giles said before he stormed out of the house. The accusations had been delivered in the entry hall of Edge-wood, the Townshend ancestral home, the moment Sebastian came downstairs.

His disappointment in his oldest son and heir was apparent, though, and that cut Sebastian deep. Douglas Townshend, eighth earl of Edgewood, had settled into marriage at an early age and was now only forty-three.

Tall, with black hair and amber eyes, he was a handsome man who frustrated the local matchmakers because he had refused to remarry after his wife died. Douglas sighed now. But you did make love to her? Then go after him, explain your part in this, make amends however you must.

But you will not meet him in the morning. I forbid it. You two have been inseparable since you were children, just as Cecil and I have been. Sebastian had every intention of doing just that, and not just because he loved Giles like a brother. His father said it aptly just before he left to find Giles. I know you, Sebastian. Unfortunately, the harm had already been done.

There was nothing that could undo it or explain it away. Sebastian realized that clearly as the day wore on and he agonized over how to make amends to his friend.

His explanations did nothing but enrage Giles more. He was in no state of mind to listen. Whether he believed Sebastian or not, it still came down to the simple fact that however unintentionally, Sebastian had slept with his wife. Dawn barely lightened the sky the following morning. The rain had started several hours earlier and continued, with no sign of letting up. Actually, it was the accompanying thunder that made him so jumpy. He was numb.

Giles was late. Theodore was suggesting they leave when Giles and his second arrived.

Theodore still wanted to get out of the rain sooner rather than later and put the suggestion to the late comers. Wait for a clear morning? At this time of year? When is there ever a clear morning?

But Giles appeared to be just as angry as he had been the day before. Theodore coughed and said, Quite right. He waved the man away. His own pistols were taken to Giles for the same. His friend seemed interested only in making sure the chambers were loaded.

Prepare yourselves, gentlemen. Instructions were given, the count begun. It was enough light to see by, enough light to kill by.

They paced off the required steps, each man holding his chosen pistol in his hand, pointed at the ground. The count was continued, then the call to turn, take aim Sebastian stood with his gun pointed toward the sky, intending to fire the obligatory shot anywhere but at Giles.

But Giles fired the very second it was called to do so, nicking Sebastian under his arm just as he was pulling his own trigger. Giles was a good shot; he should have done better than this at such close range. His bullet fired, the sound echoing through the trees along with another crack of thunder. Sebastian watched as his friend dropped to the ground. I will inform his father, he said. I assume you will inform yours.

What changed your mind? What bloody rotten luck, eh? Or rather phenomenal luck, depending how you look at it. Grief, horror, rage—it was all there choking him. And guilt, so strong it took root in his heart and would never let go. Sebastian should have died there at The Dueling Rock that cold, gloomy morning. As far as he was concerned, he did. Where Vienna overwhelmed, Felburg offered peace and quiet, which was why Sebastian Townshend decided to spend the night there as he passed through the Alpine hills.

The job he had just finished had been frustrating, taking him from France to Italy, back to France, then to Hungary, and finally to Vienna. His mission had been to retrieve stolen books, very rare books that a wife had absconded with.

The complete works of Stephanie Laurens

Sebastian had them in his possession now. He simply had little reason to care about anything. You had to have a reason to live in order to value life. He used to. Wealth, title, good friends, and family had all been his.

His life had seemed almost charmed. He had a tall, strapping body, exceptional good looks, and enjoyed splendid health. England, once his home, held only painful memories for him. Europe could be called his home if he had to name a place, but there was no place in particular that he favored. He could afford a nice property to settle on. And he was rarely in one place for long.

He lived in inns and hotels, and frequently when he was on a job, on a pallet on the ground.

List of books banned in India

He did download one property in the north of France, though, only because he found it occasionally useful. The crumbling ruins of an old keep could hardly be called a home. And because it suited his fancy to own a ruins, so similar to his life. Oddly enough, his valet had elected to go into exile with him.

An adventurous sort John Richards had turned out to be, he actually enjoyed his new role. As soon as they arrived in a new town or city, John would make himself scarce, then return with all pertinent information about the area and the important people who lived there. John could make himself understood in two more languages than Sebastian, though none of them fluently. There was one other in their entourage now, a spunky ten-year-old lad who called himself Timothy Charles. John had taken pity on the lad because he reminded him of home and he was homeless in a foreign city.

They really ought to get around to doing that one of these days. Raven I believe you are called? Sebastian had been enjoying a glass of Austrian wine in the dining room of the inn where they were spending the night.

The well-dressed man who had approached his table looked official. Tall, middle-aged, impeccably dressed. The two men who stood behind him looked like guards, not by their dress, which was plain, and not by their stature, which was on the short side. It was their alertness, the way they kept their eyes not just on Sebastian but also on the entire room. You are for hire, yes? Usually—if my fee is met. The man nodded and assured him, A man of your caliber would be expensive.

This is understood and will not be an issue. My employer is generous and will more than meet your price. Do you accept? Accept what?

No, no, of course not. But the job is a very simple one, will require only time and a little effort. Good day. The man looked shocked at being dismissed. Sebastian stood up and finished his wine. But frequently he encountered rich men who could afford him, who wanted to hire him just so they could brag to their friends that they had employed the notorious Raven. He started to walk away from the table. The two guards suddenly moved to block his way.

That deep bitterness that he refused to acknowledge left no room for humor. He was annoyed, though, that he was going to be forced to expend effort just to say no. Before any violence could erupt, the official said, I must insist that you reconsider. The duke expects you to be hired. He cannot be disappointed. He took a moment to deal with the two fellows who thought to detain him, grasping each of them by their heads, which he smashed together.

They crumpled at his feet while he glanced back at the official.

You had a point to make? The man was staring at his guards on the floor. He looked disgusted. Good guards were hard to come by. Scandal's Bride 4. A Rogue's Proposal 5.

A Secret Love 6. All About Love 7. All About Passion 8. The Promise in a Kiss 9.

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On a Wild Night On a Wicked Dawn The Perfect Lover The Ideal Bride The Truth about Love What Price Love? The Taste of Innocence Where the Heart Leads Temptation and Surrender V. Casebook of Barnaby Adair 1. Where the Heart Leads VI. Black Cobra Quartet 1. The Untamed Bride 2. The Elusive Bride 3. The Brazen Bride 4. Cynster Sisters 1. Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue - - Patimile iubirii - In Pursuit of Eliza Cynster - Pasiunile inimii - The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae - - Prizoniera dragostei - And Then She Fell - Petitoarea The Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh - Provocarea Fires of Winter 2.

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The Magic of You 5. Say You Love Me 6. The Present 7.Woodhouse Mr. The British critic Robert Irvine wrote that unlike Austen's previous novels, the town of Highbury in Surrey emerges as a character in its own right. Knightley mentions the link he sees between Jane and Frank, Emma denies them, while Frank appears to be courting her instead. A Bestseller's Odyssey from Atlanta to Hollywood.

This is a memoir of all that was witnessed, contemplated and absorbed through the eyes and soul of the author. He has a very big heart, and is a all around good man. The word "scallawag" is defined as a loafer, a vagabond, or a rogue. Accompanied by her close friend who is a photographer, her exploration has continued for almost two decades.

In their conversation, she comes away believing Ashley still loves her and is jealous of her intimate relations with Rhett, which excites her.

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