adminComment(0) Eragon: Das Vermächtnis der Drachenreiter (Eragon - Die Einzelbände 1) (German Edition) eBook: Christopher Paolini, Joannis Stefanidis: . Eragon - Der Auftrag des Ältesten (Eragon - Die Einzelbände 2) (German Edition) # in German eBooks; # in Teen & Young Adult Fantasy eBooks. This was a great book that was very fun! I loved it lots and have re-read it several times it is so fun! If you like fun books, you should read this!.

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Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Cancel Save. It's been much better than the movie, but aren't the books always better than the movies? Just finished the third book. It is truly an epic tale and t I'm just getting started on these, but it's been good so far. It is truly an epic tale and to be honest I really didn't want it to end. It was that good. I know this will upset some people, but I would put this on the level of the Lord of the Rings as far as epic fantasy goes.

The details he gives about every aspect of what is going on really makes you feel like you are there. I've studied some about japanese swordmaking and his description of making a sword is exacting, every little detail is included in the process.

You really feel like you're there doing the work. I would recommend these books to anyone. Now I can get started pining and wishing the next book in the series was released already. Just awesome writing.

Great books. View all 3 comments. Feb 22, Caroline rated it really liked it Shelves: These books have a great storyline and plot.

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The pacing is slow and I felt like I had to drudge through a lot of unnecessary descriptions. The author is young and is notorious for taking a long time to write his books. Now I have to wait for the fourth one. When I began reading these, I was under the impression it was a trilogy.

When I was close to the end of the third book I asked my daughter how the author was going to wrap everything up in just a few more chapters.

That is when she informed m These books have a great storyline and plot. That is when she informed me there would be a fourth book. I hate that. But, I'm hooked. I look forward to the last book.

I love the wisdom of the different dragon characters in the books. If you like Lord of the Rings, you will like these, although a step down from them.

If you like dragons and elves and dwarves and magic -- good v evil then you should like the first three books of paolini's inheritance cycle. I'm not sure where I've been in the fantasy world but ordered all three as I knew I would be spending a lot of time reading.

I became entranced with the story and the characters. Dragon a young country boy who finds an egg which changes his life. The egg contains a dragon, saphira, who has chosen him to join the ancient and they think extinct group called If you like dragons and elves and dwarves and magic -- good v evil then you should like the first three books of paolini's inheritance cycle.

The egg contains a dragon, saphira, who has chosen him to join the ancient and they think extinct group called the dragon slayers May 21, Josh rated it it was amazing. One of the best fictional stories that I have read.

The main character is a boy named Eragon, who when hunting in the woods stumbles upon a dragon egg, that happens to be one of the three left in all of Alygasia. Choosing him, Sphira the dragon picks him and they set off to join the free men in the south. The series spans four books from Eragon's journey to the south, then his training, and finally the defeat of the evil Galbatorix. For those who like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and would like them even more if they were combined.

Look no further. Books in series: Eragon Eldest Brinsgr Inheritance Jun 13, Angelosdaughter rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Those who love Tolkien or Star Wars. I've read Eragon and Eldest. They are very derivative, but as someone said in another context, "We stand on the shoulders of giants.

I have alsways found it difficult to read anything in imitation of Tolkien, because so few come up to his level. Paolini's world is believable and held my rapt attention. Nov 04, Cat rated it really liked it. I love this series but I thought it was a trilogy so imagine my disappointment when I got to the end of Brisingr only to know I have to wait several more years for the last book! I can't believe the kid was 19 when he started writing, he is an incredible writer and this is a true hero becoming story that is just great.

Now back to waiting for the fourth Great read I thought this was a great book. It was really imaginative and unpredictable. I'll definitely be reading book number four! Jan 22, Jody rated it really liked it.

On my list to read every year or so. Jul 26, Vicki rated it it was amazing. Sometimes I really enjoy the journey of a a period book. The series ahs been a fun adventure read Sep 24, Matthew Carter rated it it was amazing. May 03, Mikayla Shaffer rated it it was amazing.

I just reread them!! Sep 08, Brent rated it it was amazing. Ebooks and Manuals

I could hardly put these down! Fantastic writing and a captivating story. Dec 15, jennifer marked it as to-read Shelves: Jun 28, Annette rated it did not like it. This series had so much potential and that was one of the reasons for why I started reading it this summer. The problem was that by the middle of book three all the excitement and potential was gone.

Book 1, Eragon was the best of the three, with finding Saphira, fleeing for their lives and learning about dragon riders from Brom. The leader of the Varden was a good man, and his daughter had potential. Arya, the elves and the dwarves were exiting. There were some obvious flaws that ruined the book for me. The worst was how easy it was for Eragon to learn sword fighting and reading. These shortcuts felt like cheating and was the most annoying parts of book 1.

But overall a good book with a plot that moved the story forward. However, in book 2 when Eragon and Arya arrive in Du Weldenvarden where he starts training was the most outdrawn, boring part of the books so far. And the authors repetition of how quick he learned to read, why he shouldn't eat meat, and Eragons feelings for Arya gets old fast. Adding the teenage angst and this part takes up far too much space.

Eragon, Eldest & Brisingr

Even the elves seem like egotistical and narrowminded beings whose only concern is themselves, with no interest for anyone or anything else. And like book 1, we find a huge shortcut, where Eragon heals and become practically an elf overnight, something it takes decades for other riders to become.

All this so he can be fighting fit again after becoming a cripple in book 1. Overall book 2 was boring and long, with no story that moved the plot forward other than Roran, and that was practically book 1 all over again but without a dragon. This leads to book 3. I only read about halfway through and then I figured enough was enough. Nasuada has now become a leader who is willing to do anything for her cause, even condemn a child to a life of suffering and pain, without empathy or willingness to try differently.

She reminds me of Alma Coin, President of the 13th district in Hunger Games, and we all know how that went. However after taking with Eragon several times she starts questioning herself, and this seems out of character for her.

Is her conviction so weak that shortly after talking to Eragon she questions herself? Has she changed so much in two books? Or is this a way for the author to try and change their relationship?

They are unnecessary. We do not need to get spoon fed every little detail like this, we can remember things on our own at this point I decided to give up. By the end, the only person I still liked was Angela, she seems to be the only one with a brain of the entire bunch. Even Roran, hunting the beasts that kidnapped his darling Katharina, believes he can demand Nasuada to do what he wants, something he gets away with, and is another thing I have trouble understanding.

She and Eragon think to each other, and she has her uses, which is mostly as a horse to get from A to B, but for a creature that is majestic and has ancient wisdom she rarely shows it. Mostly she flies around at night to stay under the radar and is frankly as disappointing as all the others.

There is much more I could say, but figured this was enough.

To decide if I was going to continue I ended up goint to Wikipedia. Obviously, I decided not to because the author keeps taking these shortcuts all the way to the end, and frankly its disappointing.

Eragon and Eldest Omnibus

Some things like Arya and Eragon I could have figured out by continue to read, but when I add that to all the other problems the story contains I didn't think continuing reading it was worth it. The best thing to do is move on to something hopefully better and leave The Inheritance Cycle behind. Jun 17, Kaugummiqueen rated it did not like it. Das imponierte mir und brachte mich unter anderem dazu, auch eigene kleine Geschichten zu schreiben.

Also begann ich, schwer begeistert, mit dem Lesen. Ich kam anfangs auch gut voran, die Kampfszenen waren spannend und actionreich und die Lehrstunden des unerfahrenen Jungen Eragon waren interessant. Weil die Geschichte bis dahin schon fast zu lang war und langatmig wurde.

Auf den vielen Seiten war irgendwie viel passiert und gleichzeitig auch wieder nichts. Meine Schwester las dann das Buch und war ziemlich schnell auch damit durch und empfahl mir, der Geschichte nochmal eine Chance zu geben.

Also setzte ich mich nochmal hin und fing wieder an zu lesen. Zwei Jahre mussten wir ausharren, bis es dann endlich weiter ging. Anfangs war ich auch noch begeistert, aber bei dem Lesen bekam das ganze Buch einen bitteren Beigeschmack: Stink langweilig. Und auch Eragon wurde immer mehr zur Randfigur, was auch am meisten daran lag, dass sein Cousin Roran, im ersten Band noch eine relativ unwichtige Nebenfigur, zur zweiten Hauptfigur mutierte und Eragon den Rang streitig machte.

Viele kritisierten dies, aber ich muss sagen, dass die Kapitel um Roran in meinen Augen eindeutig spannender waren und mich mehr fesselten, als die um den eigentlichen "Helden". Aber wenigstens passierte dort immer was. Die Schlacht am Ende war aber schon ziemlich spannend, weil Eragon und Roran das erste Mal seit Ewigkeiten aufeinander trafen und das erste Mal von ihrer jeweiligen Weiterentwicklung erfuhren.

Ja, und dann, nach weiteren drei Jahren Warten, kam der dritte Band endlich raus.

Mit der Schocknachricht: Dennoch kaufte ich mir den Band mit der Absicht, ihm eine Chance zu geben. Ja, was macht man da nur?

Dann las ich weiter, aber es wurde nicht wirklich besser. Will da jemand Seiten voll kriegen? Roran, der ehemals einfache Bauernjunge, wurde mittlerweile zum unschlagbaren Supersoldaten, der in einer Schlacht Soldaten mit einem Hammer erschlagen konnte.

Auch Eragon streckte gerne hier und dort den ein oder anderen unschuldigen Menschen nieder, aber Fleisch kann er ja nicht mehr essen, weil ja auch Tiere Gedanken haben - ja ne, ist klar! Ich habe das Buch nicht mehr zu Ende gelesen und habe das auch nicht vor. Jul 07, Doug rated it really liked it. I see a lot of comments calling this the best series people have ever read. I thought I'd add my opinion.

First, I can say that I did enjoy the entire series, in total. Paolini did a solid job building a very compelling world, one that I enjoyed visiting and got invested in. As an aspiring writer, one of the things that I really appreciate when I see it, and notice it when it is missing, is what I'd call "tight" writing. The two best examples I can think of are JK Rowling the best ever at this I see a lot of comments calling this the best series people have ever read.

By "tight", I mean writing that has very little or no superfluous, self indulgent prose that does little to move the book forward. Now, such a thing isn't a condemnation of the entirety of a writer's work.

Tolkien, Asimov, Scott Card, many authors are famously guilty of this and yet produce work that is truly memorable nonetheless. But there were several passages throughout the series where you knew you could sort of "check out" without missing anything noteworthy, and in many instances these dead spots went on for several pages. I also felt he was more than a bit heavy handed with his exposition. The whole series could have used a healthier dose of "show, don't tell".

All in all, I'm very glad I read the entire series and I look forward to the day that Paolini decides to come back to Alagaesia and builds upon the wonderful world he has built. As with any writer, his style will continue to mature and we'll all be the beneficiaries of that.


Many have mixed feelings about this series but I think it is truly a masterful work of art. For anybody who can appreciate the beautiful language and descriptive writing, this is the right series for you. If you read any comments that were hating on this series, it is because those people can't appreciate true language and cannot wait through the exposition. At the beginning of literature, the exposition was very long because the characters had to be developed.

If you have ever read the Lord of Many have mixed feelings about this series but I think it is truly a masterful work of art.

If you have ever read the Lord of the Rings, the exposition was about pages and is still considered one of the greatest fantasy series of all time.

If you love dragons, magic, and beautiful morals, this is the series for you. Don't listen to the haters because they cannot bask in the true light of literature; they are too hasty to do so.Stayed up the vital ingredient in its own precocious sexuality.

Considering the initiated into the elder statesman, the worst possible, the modern romance, where they taste even more casual sex, and resilience and what neither can tap into the house and our age: Kelley Armstrong. Praise for Christopher Paolini and the Inheritance cycle: Add a library card to your account to borrow titles, place holds, and add titles to your wish list.

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