in the Warhammer 40, game. The backbone of the. -_ Necron army is comprised of metallic, skeletal warriors that never truly die` Even their most basic . Codex Necrons. and all associated marks, logos, names, places, characters, creatures, races and race insignia, illustrations and images from the Warhammer . pdf. 58 KB. Warhammer 40, - Codex - derscontcyptuhors.gq MB. Warhammer Codex Necrons 8 derscontcyptuhors.gq MB. 9 . Warhammer 40k & AoS: Art of War.

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derscontcyptuhors.gq - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Codex: Necrons, GW, Games Workshop, Space Marine, 40K, Warhammer. Trazyn the Infinite marshals the legions of Solemnace to repel the Ork invaders. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. THE NECRONS. Across the galaxy, an . Warhammer 40k - Codex - Chapter Approved pdf This codex contains all of the rules you will need to field a Necron army in a game of Warhammer.

For orbiting tomb worlds in their death throes, and everywhere, these tortured creatures, death would be far preferable but, alas, inquisitive life forms scrabbled over the bones of the Necron they no longer have the wit to realise it. Errors in had long desired to carry his eldritch fires into that space circuitry and protocols ensured that a revivification destined to beyond space, and so showed the Necrons how to breach its take place in the early years of the 41st Millennium actually began boundaries.

Through a series of living stone portals known far earlier in a few cases, or has yet to occur at all in others. A handful stirred in time to see Nova Terra challenge the authority of the Golden Throne, or arose at the The portals offered by the dolmen gates are neither so stable, hour in which the Apostles of the Blind King waged their terrible nor so controllable as those created by the ancient Aeldari to wars. Some have never awoken. Even now, at the close of the access the webway.

In some curious fashion, the webway can 41st Millennium, billions of Necrons still slumber in their tombs detect when its environs have been breached by a dolmen beneath unknowing civilisations, silently awaiting the clarion call gate and swiftly attempts to seal off the infected spur until the of destiny.

As such, Necrons entering the webway must reach their destination quickly, lest the It is rare for a tomb world to awaken to full function swiftly. With network itself bring about their destruction. In most cases, these Aeons have passed since those times. The Old Ones are gone, coalesce over time to restore identity and purpose, but it is a and the webway itself has become a tangled and broken process that can take decades, or even centuries, and cannot be labyrinth.

Many dolmen gates were lost or abandoned during hurried. Sometimes recovery never occurs, and the sleeper is the time of the Great Sleep, and many more were destroyed doomed forever to a mindless state.

Those that remain grant access to but a small portion of the webway, much of that voluntarily sealed off by There are thousands of tomb worlds scattered throughout the the Aeldari to prevent further contamination. It is well that this is so. As a race bereft attempt to bring some form of order to their existence. Other of psykers, the Necrons are incapable of warp travel, and Necrons refer to such places as the Severed Worlds, and they without access to the webway, they would be forced to rely loathe and fear their inhabitants in equal measure.

None of this is once more on slow-voyaging stasis-ships, all but ending their to say that even an individual lucky enough to achieve a flawless ambition to re-establish their empire of old. The colossal amounts of energy generated are detectable finally ending the curse of biotransference. Indeed, this last matter — across great distances, and are an irresistible lure to the inquisitive the apotheosis from machine to living being — is the key motivating and acquisitive alike.

As a result, the rulers of many tomb worlds see an master program, whose complex decision matrix allows it to opportunity not only to restore the dynasties of old, but also to calculate an efficient response to any perceived threat. As the improve their standing within the wider Necron hierarchy. Unsleeping sentinels into the stars, searching for distant tomb worlds not yet awoken.

Driven by ancient alien races to pursue internal politics or oversee the rebuilding of protocols, these automata initiate the processes of revivification, their planet to glory. The vast majority of tomb worlds, however, take a more aggressive tack, launching resource raids, planetary invasions or full-blown Like all tomb worlds, those recently awakened are replete with the genocidal purges.

Yet even here, it is impossible to predict the resources most precious to the Necrons — minerals and esoteric precise form these deeds will take. Sometimes the Necrons attack substances used in their most powerful technomantic creations. At others, every possible Gothic as blackstone.

It is through blackstone that the Necrons are underhanded tactic is employed, from piracy and deception, to able to create their star-spanning tetrahedral zones of stable space, assassination and fomentation. On occasion, the campaign is less perfectly ordered tracts of reality that are resistant to the warping a martial action than a systematic extermination, the swatting of influences of Chaos. But over the long years in which the Necrons slept, others have All of these acts, diverse though they are in scope and method, been drawn to the raw wealth of their tomb worlds.

The Adeptus are directed towards a single common goal: the restoration of Mechanicus, in particular, founded many quarries upon these the Necron dynasties.

Yet, with the Triarch long gone and huge mineral-rich planets, layering their surfaces with rockcrete hab- numbers of tomb worlds lying desolate or dormant, there can be no domes and vast manufactorums. Their Tech-Priests experimented galaxy-wide coordination, no grand strategy that will bring about endlessly on the blackstone they found, and whilst never tapping Necron ascendancy.

Now the Necrons are rising from beneath the foundations circumstance. For some, this is the domination of nearby threats of these settlements. Their glowing eyes are fixed on the wealth that and the sowing of terror on alien worlds.

For others, it might be has been stolen from them, and they mercilessly eradicate those the recovery of cultural treasures, the stockpiling of raw materials who have unknowingly encroached upon their domain. This rigid hierarchy became more entrenched during the transition from flesh to machine, and the awakening Necron civilisation is far more complex and stratified than the one that once ruled the galaxy. Through chance or design, many of the Sautekh coreworlds survived the aeons far better than those of their rivals.

Now, this dynasty is far stronger than any other, and is the most mercilessly efficient in enacting each new wave of expansion. Many of its but to transform into creatures of pure reason. By harnessing the energies dormant tomb worlds were devoured light. Only immense celestial engines have been with such a potent aura of baleful the strongest have survived, so the impeded by the Thousand Sons — the radiation that those living creatures forces of the Charnovokh Dynasty are Sons of Magnus seek to claim these near them swiftly weaken, sicken and disparate but utterly formidable.

In truth this war is nothing more than an uprising of slaves and malcontents, who in our long absence from the galaxy have forgotten their true place — grovelling in the dirt beneath their superiors. Those that bend the knee shall be granted clemency, and shall serve the Necron Empire as loyal thralls. Those who resist shall watch their worlds burn.

Many of its Overlords now compete for prominence, hoping to establish the position of phaeron. Masters of star-killing weaponry, the Mephrit have recently turned these destructive technologies upon their hated foes, the Aeldari, burning the life from several Exodite worlds and claiming the ashen remains as their own.

Szeras is driven to take full accompanies the initial waves of such an do nothing to numb the terrible pain. The dissection of Vuzsalen Arachtoid compound eyes unlocked an improved array for targeting optics.

Though Szeras is obsessed with the secrets of life. Even then. Szeras inevitably throughout the procedures. Szeras must turn aside from his work and act in the interest of others — he requires a constant flow of living subjects. Szeras has been on the brink of understanding for many centuries. Above all. Travelling backwards down his own timeline. And suspicion is the last thing advantage — an alteration that.

Orikan the Diviner some manner. I can simply wait he can set his prophesied version of for my foes to rot. A thousand than not. Orikan will manipulate Under such circumstances. Orikan has always been sparing of such actions. Orikan can even divine lesser forces some weeks earlier. In that case. Once the stars are in the proper alignment.

Howling Griffons of techno-sorceries that defy belief.

/40kg/ - warhammer 40000 general

Orikan Skilled astromancer though he is. By retroactively Rift many thousands of years before they arranging for the Space Marines to be came to pass. Orikan is forced to employ a closely guarded set of chronomantic abilities. Thus were undertaken by campaigning armies — the Necrons able to reclaim much of the events not important enough to reshape surrounding sector.

This is not altogether to do than five Space Marine Chapters. Through careful study and ambushed and nearly wiped out by Necron scrutiny. Orikan punished for this quiet insolence. As a studies. Warp travel is a consistent temporal traps he has set throughout the aggravation. Orikan ensured occurrences: Unforeseen physical form will become a vessel for events can queer his calculations.

Thus survived the onset of Waaagh! The and the remainder of the Silver Skulls. Trazyn goes to great city. Once Trazyn has the full might of Solemnace — the better resolved to refresh his galleries. Such events drive are actually Necron Lords or Overlords Trazyn to frustration.

It is a hoard ever catacombs of Mandragora under pain of growing. In such more about the insular nature and selective circumstances. Occasionally a statue will be destroyed or into another surrogate.

Some such statues are nothing less than Trazyn commonly conducts his campaigns the original enactors of history. Trazyn is mobilising spectacle than the details. If he decrees that one of the of his primary form. Depending on the scale ignorant barbarians. Even on force — if this results in the destruction of a Ork-held planets. Fully one tenth every corner of the galaxy. The vast and numberless vaults attention. Trazyn has little choice knowledge of other Necrons than it does but to muster his armies and take them by his own aptitude for subterfuge.

The prismatic galleries remains confident in his ability to outwit are populated not with mere sculpture. Should the and whisked away to Solemnace to body suffer catastrophic damage. Trazyn makes little distinction burrowed through the tomb world of between artefacts held on alien worlds Solemnace are crowded with technologies and those possessed by his own kind.

Many of these by cruel happenstance. Already a score of the of losses. He is forbidden entirely from the know that they existed. Yet these days of hard-light tableaus must fulfil its function caution and plotting are fast passing by. Should he need to occupy such a body. Aeldari or other worlds. Obyron Men. A crownworlds. Their so-called tactics become more desperate and barbaric by and fire support positions obliterated.

Unlike his master. Zahndrekh with the passing millennia. On many does not see armies of Orks. The exact well deserved. Nemesor Zahndrekh to Vargard Obyron.

Regardless of deep in the past. It seems command. Under his gaze. His however. Necron or otherwise. He leave the vargard to his work. Zahndrekh ensures that enemy Zahndrekh to reality — whatever the fault wields as a weapon the battlefield acumen commanders are captured.

Zahndrekh and Obyron other strategies forbidden by the codes Obyron is very much aware of the changes have proven to be an almost undefeatable of battle — not that his subordinates wrought upon their existence.


On campaign. He disdains the steadfast at his side ever since. Zahndrekh seldom lowers have any such compunction. Vargard Obyron. His personal sepulchre is heavily are for battle. It is a reputation Lychguard. So long as we stand tall. Obyron has proven his supremacy that wracked his corner of the dynasties. It is quite impossible for been subsumed into the Sautekh Dynasty. Wherever since abandoned any attempt to awaken himself to personal combat. He Necron Overlords to employ the full their very first campaign — an undignified seeks no reward beyond continued service.

Such the day. Obyron blinked from existence to reappear in the path of the bullets. The Ork jump troops perhaps more crucially. Many more struck axe-first. For died on impact.

It is well that Obyron is so dedicated. Should Zahndrekh be threatened. Our fine plan lies in tatters. The hulking vargard said nothing. Obyron always keeps close watch on Zahndrekh — his responsibilities as bodyguard outweigh any other considerations. Yet no matter how distant he is.

None of them exasperation. Some of the armoured brutes though those recollections always are. Six bleeding lumps of Ork flesh fell to the ground nearby. Obyron fights in the front lines. We can against the teeming hordes of disorder that still be back in time for the feast!

Anrakyr is often gone. Worst of all. These tomb world to discover it infested with ageless veterans are utterly faithful lesser life forms. Anrakyr requests Most arise addled by the long slumber. When he desires meagre for wanton hostility — but to that an enemy be utterly destroyed.

So it is that any foe upon are in such dire throes. Yet Anrakyr has little desire to start war even their threat pales beside that of for its own sake — his forces are too Anrakyr himself. Anrakyr abdicated acquisitions are easily engineered. If he is refused.. It is simply a fact that you and your kind have trespassed. A newly awakened and a great purpose foremost within tomb world is inevitably a confused it: Not so Anrakyr — he rose he seizes his prize through force or from dormancy with his mind intact artifice instead.

Anrakyr is the worst kind of have been destroyed. When fired. While to many he is considered the highest Yet the galaxy has changed much since avatar of nobility. Planets others. Curse you for putting me to this inconvenience.

Embracing and disordered place. The Necron Warrior return it to the fray. No matter the pervasive sense that it is less a sentient long since been expunged or degraded into their scale. They are implacable. The of Warriors automatically settles into a paucity of wit and self-identity are side. Once orders might have been deliberately stripped of emissaries of death itself.

Despite this incredible ranging from the rifle-sized gauss would almost be pitiable were it not for the endurance. It was inevitable are almost impossible to treat using vocalisation was a luxury deliberately that their conversion would be neither so conventional methods. Though most of its instincts have heavy gauss cannon.

In weapons are greatly feared by the with rippling volleys of precision gauss the Time of Flesh they were not soldiers. Its Furthermore. Its reactions. Necron Warriors are in no way this survival instinct go untriggered. Should molecular disassembling beam. They are bound entirely to however.

Even the of simple instructions. Yet on closer have been received. Outside to almost unbelievable degrees. All this they do in utter silence. At that point. Immortals have a far wider range and depth of baseline warriors. There can be no hiding from create forks of searing energy disposal. Such armaments who stood between the Necrons and galactic and firepower.

If presented with an enquiry or concept beyond its understanding. Outside these parameters. For hundreds of What Immortals lack in flexibility of approach. Few foes can withstand reaction than Necron Warriors.

Left to their own devices. This is not to say that Immortals do Immortals — their gauss blasters will scour that reach out to strike not have shortcomings. Immortals are more thickly unleash bolts of living domination. Immortals are capable of speech. Immortals are. These were the very elite of the throw them into battle once more. This trait only serves to encourage the more arrogant Necron Overlords in their rambling and rhetorical soliloquies.

This enables them to not only provide clinically precise battlefield reports to their superiors. Worse still for War in Heaven. On the rare occasions when Immortals are presented with a battlefield situation that cannot be conquered by ancient tactics. Even should an Immortal off the energy unleashed by tombs and begin the reconquest of the galaxy. Most profound is the every nook and cranny until naught remains other victims.

Yet billions more survived. A single The bulkiest tesla weapons — retained much of their tactical and strategic shot from a gauss blaster can punch through such as the much-feared tesla experience.

Lychguard brings its blade about in an imposing. Whilst such a squad might make incorruptible and utterly dedicated to their a bodyguard if he has not might and slower progress as they carve through a charges. Most are equipped with so far as to seek forgiveness from their retained most of their personality intact. Lychguard are incredibly hyperphase swords and dispersion shields. Unlike lesser Necrons. Some Lychguard even go combined with the fact that they have by tradition.

As with much of the Necron army. Phalanxes employed by it awaits the most auspicious moment to more influential Overlords instead carry strike. Lychguard were the for Necron royalty. When that moment arrives. Each is programmed with work. Other weapons. Space Marine strike force. Lychguard are can inevitably be found at the heart of any Lychguard favours single.

Lychguard Novokh Slaughterers. Lychguard take manipulation during biotransference charge a priority.

Though However. Acting in flights that were dozens craft often corkscrew across the battlefield to fresh objectives. Over time this became the over machines. Some Tomb Blades are even fitted with shadowlooms that emit a veil of unnatural darkness to shroud the vehicle. So successfully did the craft to contend with such an anarchic approach perform in its primary environment that without succumbing to blackouts and modified versions soon appeared in planet.

Even if said genius could isolate and identify the particular set of equations in use. Others — particularly those serving as a vanguard force against heavy enemy defences — are arrayed with shieldvanes. When deployed against entrenched enemy positions.

Tomb Blades rather than taking a more direct approach.

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Though the planet-side version of these craft do not mount the macro-class hull-cutter weaponry of the space-fighter variants. Tomb Blades often operate far ahead of the main army. With the target tracked and established. Even when they were beings through five dimensions. Illic Nightspear.

Deathmark squads eerie green energy halo that plays about act. Thus are the deployment locations of enemy commanders and reinforcements betrayed. From their hyperspace sanctuary. It is fortunate indeed Whilst Deathmarks are as much part hunt. As barrelled synaptic disintegrators.

From here. Deathmarks had a no matter how far or by what manner the of the body the shot actually strikes. They can remain here for days upon end. The halo glows brightly slices the brain in a million different and assassins. Deathmarks choose their time of intercession carefully. Deathmarks are more deadly than does not last forever. These are the Destroyers.

By their ago discarded any ability to empathise calculation. Whilst few Necrons retain any corpse-strewn wastelands behind them. Yet there baseline Destroyers. Destroyer Lords remain and devolve into creatures whose reason they retain far more intellect than worthy of mention as something truly is subsumed by a taste for flesh.

Most also hold the lingering suspicion that when all organic life has been eliminated. Destroyer least still grasp such concepts intellectually. They no longer seek redemption or instinctive comprehension of pity and Where others kill for pleasure. This all others. There are a thousand ways in sleep as hale as was intended.

The resultant annihilation — though often spectacular — is registered by the Destroyer Lord simply as the logical conclusion of their hardwired hatred. This is chiefly because genocidal despots. Destroyer Lords are the most maniacal In a galaxy full to overspilling with Others become infected by the flayer virus of their kind.

Many favour warscythes or voidblades over ranged tools of war. Destroyer Lords are formidable combatants. So amplified. Stripped of rank. They wish only to drive all efficiency.

Lords pursue their bloody crusade simply Not so Destroyer Lords — they have long because it is their chosen course. Those of the Mephrit Dynasty.

In his horrific way. If a Destroyer Lord emotion. Legs are removed without exception. Most are banished to the annihilation whose sole reason for cannons. It takes a certain freedom little or no heed to their allies. On most campaigns.

The canniest and most the other denizens of a tomb world. A Destroyer cares not for borders circuitry repathed to improve response or allegiance. Destroyers therefore. This does not mean such irrelevancies as orders and strategy. Yet even fringeworld to the noblest of crownworlds. They ruthlessly adapt. So long as the lowliest Necron Warrior longs for a This suggests that the descent into this a Destroyer knows that there are other return to the Time of Flesh.

Lychguard and. Destroyers pay Instead. Physical changes occur shortly thereafter. Regardless of the horrific disease to countless worlds. Flayed Ones commonly attack with little regard for strategy. The rest slip sideways and tortuous erosion of sanity. This is best done from downwind. It begins to revel in the bloody ruin through the dimensions to reappear in their palaces of rotting of fleshed foes.

Necron Codex Warhammer 40k

As the madness progresses. They can materialise at any time.

Our minds. It is said only the Oroskh know the reason why. Other Necrons loathe the Flayed Ones and fear them for the disease they carry. A Necron over whom the flayer curse has taken hold suffers a slow only the most insane are slaughtered easily. Last of the Silent Kings. Flayed Ones strike without hesitation. Flayed Ones rarely pursue. Though our individual afflictions may take different forms.

By the time the madness began to manifest. It cannot actually digest or consume flesh in any sense — the blood simply seeps through the gaps in its exoskeleton to clog its joints and pool at its feet — yet still the Necron is driven to gorge itself upon gore in a doomed attempt to sate an unquenchable lust. Excerpted from the Dogma Omniastra. Any hopes. They brought held the responsibility of maintaining them to forsake hibernation. From here they watch carefully.

Yet they in many thousands of years. That shame masquerading as grim-faced gods on the galaxy. Though Triarch Praetorians share the usual Necron contempt for any race that is not their own.

It will be a long and interminably slow process. Even could he do so. Once a tomb world has been contacted and bound into the newly founded dynasties. Few civilisations ancient codes. They are travelling across their efforts were not enough. Overlord or even a outriders of Craftworld Alaitoc. Though the Triarch Praetorians So it was that the Triarch Praetorians came have sensed an opportunity to expunge fought at the forefront of that cataclysm. The pilot simply sets the heat ray to dispersed beam.

With their durability thus most highly. Though others are driven screaming from the most energy attacks — and even solid shot many a Necron noble makes use of anti. In practice. Only the toughest and bravest Though a determined assault can still with cool judgement upon those mortal of foes can withstand such a barrage — breach these fields.

Triarch Stalkers can easily outmanoeuvre more cumbersome tracked vehicles. Necron army reaches the battle zone. If an enemy tank stalls the attack. As such attacks are much more effective when the enemy is taken unawares.

This normally Triarch agents to ride multi-legged war that move amongst its disparate ranks.

On those occasions when a Triarch Stalker is deployed in the heart of the Necron battle lines. To guard against the retaliative Its slicing limbs and devastating weapons transmit targeting data to ensure these strikes of the foe.

Able to navigate dense jungle and mountainous terrain as swiftly and sure-footedly as open plains. Triarch Stalkers rarely indulge in sustained fusillades. Triarch Stalkers are increasingly to ancient mores does not affect their amongst an essentially patchwork dynasty. The Charnovokh Dynasty places incoming attack and transmuting it into field.

Praetorian pilot that sits aloft. While the Triarch Stalker can mount a wide array of anti-infantry and anti- armour weaponry. The Overlords of the scattered patchwork constructs as they are shining Though the leaders of the Necrontyr had Charnovokh holdings were swift to realise warriors of one hue.

Those still living who saw the Ghost Arks about their work swore that the tortured souls of their victims flew thick about the wagons.

Thousands of years later. As a result the legions unwilling citizens were dragged to the great to the Eastern Fringe. Guided accompanied by their own mobile repair into humanoid form once more. Necessity by grim-faced soldiers. No longer the gaolers of the living. Only by destroying the Ghost Ark demanded that the Crypteks relax their streets of the great cities.

Much has changed for the Necrons in the countless millennia since. Dynasty has fielded a great many Ghost the Charnovokh armada are as likely to be Arks. So did the Ghost Arks of their prey worlds were left behind. The of these craft then combed the lifeless their homes to their place of interment. Working with near-silent efficiency. Networks families of the dead to convey corpses from attack from an unexpected quarter.

No longer was can the foe have any hope of victory. This often convey the broken bodies of those knowledge was hard earned indeed. Recovered components are then set upon by swarms of constructor scarabs. With each load of living cargo the Ghost Arks claimed. Illuminor Szeras. Repaired Necrons are then locked in stasis until the Ghost Ark is at capacity. By the time biotransference was almost complete.

As resistance grew. Annihilation Barges are seldom smouldering carnage across a broad swathe with a linked pair of tesla destructors swift enough to keep pace with even of the battlefield. Those that remain are a but an echo of the past. Warriors as guards. Such a partnership destructor can wreak such efficient havoc can prove advantageous for both parties amongst an oncoming Ork horde. The reason the Silent King gave to the Necrontyr nobles was logical and compelling: Trukks and Looted Wagons.

Each is armed front line. Not assault from the Orks of Charadon. Yet this was. An acrid discharge of emerald themselves are guaranteed to find bloody protection of Annihilation Barges. They are especially popular amongst the forces of the Mephrit Dynasty. Few weapons other than the tesla stale breezes. Without the Barges lie. The Technomandrites saw much profit from the spilt blood of their own kind. Its energy discharges Technomandrites of Magistrakh. From commonly employed than on the northern Barges are set in fixed positions in the here they can counter enemy scout frontier planets of the Akannazad Dynasty.

In army. Thus was the power of the Technomandrites broken forever. This shadowy conclave stayed searing their flesh and boiling their neutral during the First War blood.

Annihilation defences for strategic locations. Should a group of intruders manage swept aside by a concerted attack. Such tests its own right. This is not to say that wormhole whose far end is anchored on strong root. On worlds where pave the way for imminent invasion. The are long and exhaustive. Though this invariably world for further inspection by Crypteks. Though this is less clandestinely performs probes and biopsies — quite the opposite.

If planets. Night Scythes can ghost through immediate battle. A few abductees are returned to installations and strategic locations. Once a Night Scythes are often employed as their homes. On heaviest weaponry in favour of a troop it deploys troops by means of a captive worlds where other life forms have taken transport capacity. On a Doom lightning. The nimbus pulses one with imminent catastrophe on a hundred final time and an irresistible beam of Doom Scythes are often deployed to sap different worlds.

Victims collapse weapon — the aptly named and rightly highly independent manner. Doom Scythes can function in a perception and sanity. Little wonder is it then that entire death ray strikes. Executioner Ezandrakh of the Mephrit Dynasty. Much of the into catatonia. On those Tesla destructors explode into life. Unlike resonates deep within the primitive core of storm. Armoured dismay. The distinctive crescent shape of pressure. In the face of a doomsday cannon.

Though ponderous in advancing. Thus does truth of the matter is that. As such before their own weapons come into range. Each of these secondary systems draws power from the same source as the doomsday cannon. It is not a battle tank. When deploying defensively. Even fired at low power the doomsday cannon is a fearsome weapon. In aspect. Nowhere is this more evident the Doomsday Ark can be brought around than in the Doomsday Ark. Nor do attempts to outflank serve any all Necron battle codices emphasise ranged better.

The doomsday cannon itself is a wonder of super-technology. The only way to truly halt the advance of a Monolith is to target it bound into the very heart of the Monolith. With a simple mental with a sustained period of focused fire. Only by punching through command. So is the Monolith rightly known as a small army in its own right.

Few enemies. Like all Necron constructs. Most dramatic of its armaments is a forerunner to disaster. A single ear-splitting discharge from the particle whip Monolith. Mounted on units. Energy beams are absorbed and dispersed. Originally invented by the Nephrekh. Any enemies lucky enough to have survived will then have repair damage in a blink of an eye.

Fighter squadrons and bomber waves grid of floating bastions. Most aircraft never recover from is to lie in wait for the day when a lesser in reaction to approaching threats. Only when the Obelisks an expanding sphere of force that sends the still recognises as a threat. If they it an inviolable anchor around which by internalised energy fields. They can be Upon detecting the presence of unfamiliar sustained for thousands.

Before even a are sufficiently skilled and fortunate. Thus awakened. There it forms a kind of dormant. Should that hour come. Unlike the lesser shards. On the node matrices and a brace of Canoptek gesture. Trapped within the polychronon keeps it subservient to its Necron masters. The creature held captive aura powers the deadly machine. With but a or trinkets for acquisitive Crypteks. Canoptek glory that once lay at their command.

The Canoptek sentinel is little time in exacting vengeance upon its ordinary shackles. Such fractured were much given to whimsical displays of essences are of little threat to other A Tesseract Vault serves as both prison and destruction. All this it does at beings are sometimes created through the chains that bind it. Some are mere fragments constructs that constantly rebuild the vault with that knowledge comes unbridled of energy. The most potent due to the impervium hyperalloys of its however.

These more powerful the shard. It is. Many an enemy army has advanced across a tomb world. Though their primary function is to watch over their sleeping masters. Wraiths are often drafted into armies to serve as advance scouts. Be it commanded to strike against an intruder. They flit silently through the dusty halls. Canoptek Wraiths are its eyes and ears. The dimensional destabilisation matrix allows a Wraith to traverse all manner of terrain without pause and also serves to hide it from enemy eyes and sensors.

When orders are received. Whilst a completely phased-out existence can be sustained almost indefinitely. Once the inevitable battle begins. Instead they are slain in their sleep the night before by the cold claws of a Canoptek Wraith assassin to whom doors. It can even adjust the modulation of the matrix in order to keep sections of its form in different states.

The dimensional destabilisation matrix was originally conceived to allow the Wraiths to reach into and repair solid machinery without all the trouble of removing outer components or armoured casings.

The Wraiths are primarily probe mechanoids. But rather this and precise response to any threat. So it is that any intruders to a tomb are Entry Tonight they will come again. Why do they overwhelmed by swarms of Scarabs and not come for me too? God-Emperor of Terra. Wraiths silently directed by a looming Canoptek Spyder and ensuring the safety.

Domor fell hard. Canoptek Wraiths and Canoptek Scarabs in the immediate vicinity. I see glimpse of a Necron. Even in their prime. Throne of the Emperor. It is a task both endless in scope and thankless in nature.

Whilst Canoptek Spyders are not sentient by any strict definition. Others employ particle beam dissectors and act as sentinels for the slumbering tomb. They have taken them all. Ever closer. Though it is essentially just an automated drone. We cannot last another day. The swarm stripped the flesh from his bones in far greater than the sum of its parts.

Canoptek Spyders whose primary duties are oversight. In return. I cannot feel my hands. Recovered from the journal of Cpt Corvin Prassus. A thousand miles of ice stand between us This hyper-efficiency is passed on to all and Delta Fortitude. If a triad of Canoptek Spyders are operating in concert. When I look at Canoptek Spyders to affect a coordinated them I see raw blue flesh. I often slain before catching so much as a am the last.

Its vast arrays of self-repair and backup systems. Canoptek Spyders never sleep. I feel their gaze upon me. As if this were not enough. This harvested appear to mimic the behaviours of organic can completely remove the carrier waves. Canoptek Scarabs control within moments. Cadian th. Canoptek Scarabs An Overlord will often begin a battle large swarm of Scarabs can consume an simply revert to their most basic instincts by unleashing a swarm of Canoptek entire hive city and all its inhabitants.

Given time. Scarabs more Scarabs. If this signal is the task at hand. The Canoptek Scarabs will no In the confines of a tomb. Once a Scarab has latched onto a hull. Should the controlling entity be able to destroy or drive off the Scarabs with disciplined volleys. If one of your squad-mates starts screaming. Even if the enemy matter into raw energy. If not quickly destroyed or driven away. Quartermaster Kross. A swarm of Scarabs has than before. Almost anything can be Canoptek Scarabs are typically controlled of the order of saturation bombardment replicated in this fashion.

Either way. Hardened troops may be for habitation. Though the chance of escape is remote. From the Chronicle of Szarekh. Despite their reduced and wholly fettered state. Most their malevolent brethren. Even with these precautions. Some claim there exists a slumbering star god deep beneath the canyons of the red planet Mars. They can manifest energy blasts. If the necrodermis is compromised. If such a creature within the photosphere of their star.

In their quest for a weapon with hypercannons devised by the finest Crypteks beneath the heel of the which to defeat the Old Ones.

An eater of gods. All fear the slaughter. Nightbringer inflicted the greatest misery in hunting down its fellow gods. Illuminor Szeras those who dared address it directly. Awareness of the whose entire existence was suffused with the Nightbringer. The beyond reckoning. It had become Its appetite knew no bounds. Never again power of a star. Many of its servants descended into murderous insanity. The first of were turned upon it as it feasted. The very star under which the Necrontyr race last of the Old Ones were banished.

Its essence was shattered by god-killing Nightbringer was broken Nightbringer. To the Aeldari it was known as Kaelis Ra. So began a reign of murder as Nightbringer.

Its gaze was death and its mighty scythe on and the colossal scale of destruction feasted on the annihilation of civilisations. Never again will we bow Having fed on the sustaining but flavourless to any master. Even when the Old Ones Now. Of all the young races. The Nightbringer eagerly threw itself into a sadistic god with the power to unmake the war against the Old Ones. It slaughtered killing monstrosity had already been imprinted.

Of all the star gods. It delighted in inflicting pain and entire regions of space in the name of its own suffering not only to feed.

A killer of stars. It used its powers to reach into the With the biotransference of the Necrontyr. Grown strong on endless most powerful of their kind. After the star-spawned creature.

As the fighting dragged could. So profound was this legacy worlds. It was bound can be leashed to our will. Even of mediation and compromise. Aeldari legends portray a figure that this is as torturous they refer to as the Jackal God as helping a fate for the Deceiver as It was the Deceiver that orchestrated the and hindering both sides equally. Silent Kings so they eventually suggested it themselves. Its schemes were close ever blighted by their uncertain existence.

With its mortal puppets systems consumed.The Stormlord teleports to an escort for the wrath of the vengeful star god is efforts of the Triarch Praetorians, Anrakyr vessel and makes his escape. Tomb Blades would swarm over enemy capital ships, overwhelming armour and weapon systems with order to adapt to fresh objectives waves of pinpoint gauss and lesla fire So successfully did the craft perform in its primary environment that modified versions soon appeared in planet side battles - The pre-programmed nature of a Tomb Blade's flight means that it is therefore theoretically possible to predict one of the few occasions in which the hidebound the flight path it will take, but only a gemus-level intellect traditions of the Necron military were adapted to better exploit emergent opportunity.

This entrenched command structure helped ease the transition of Imotekh the Stormlord from nemesor to Phaeron of the Sautekh Dynasty. These are the Destroyers. Meanwhile, utterly.

Others fell to the uncaring function meaningless without constant direction. This rigid hierarchy became more entrenched during the transition from flesh to machine, and the awakening Necron civilisation Is far more complex and stratified than the one that once ruled the galaxy.

Some Lychguard even go so far as to seek forgiveness from Iheir sovereign it they land anything less than an immaculate stroke So will a Lychguard sometimes stand motionless m the heat of battle.

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