Hindi version of Chuk and Gek is in Chandigarh library. If anyone has access, please get it from there and share with us. CHUCK AND GECK by. Arkady Gaidar. Translated from the Russian by Leonard Stocklitsky. Progress Publishers. Moscow. Ocr: Rent and save from the world's largest eBookstore. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and Bibliographic information. QR code for Chuk I Gek.

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Chuk I Gek [Gaidar] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Chuk and Gek is a Russian short-story written by Soviet children's writer Arkady. Chuk i Gek [A. P. Gaidar] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Chuk i Gek: Arkadij Gajdar: Books. Chuk i Gek (German) Paperback – Import, 31 Jul by Arkadij Gajdar (Author).

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It also includes anecdotes by translators, personalities from Marathi literature and academicians like Vineel Bhurke, who talks about how the books nurtured his love for science. As the filmmakers continue to receive feedback from experts and the public, they are adding new material even during the post-production work.

Thereafter, he started hunting for more books in old bookshops. A Facebook page — Soviet Literature in Marathi — created in , helped him reach out to collectors across India and even diaspora abroad.

It was through this page that Rane reached out to him. His father is an avid collector of books, and he was, thus, exposed to the literature at an early age. Today, the year-old has a burgeoning collection of Soviet-era books translated into Marathi.

Like a Matryoshka Doll But, why a film, instead of, say, a website? Similarly, interactions with experts have given us further references on facets of these books, which we were unaware of.

The plan is to follow the screenings with interactive talks related to the story, or have eminent Marathi artistes read to the children. According to Rajadhyaksha, the ideal audience is anyone who loves listening to a story.

While this film would be a revival of memories for many, it will also introduce this fascinating topic to others. We hope to stir the imaginations of our younger viewers through the film and make them receptive to new genres of literature. Hopefully this will translate in them visiting the nearest bookstore or library or ordering an eBook. We may have heard of Tolstoy, but not the others, I am sure, were it not for the 'propaganda' literature distributed far and wide by the Russians. Among the books scattered around my house, I found this book about two naughty little boys who throw away a telegram by their father.

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As a result of this, they find themselves in an abandoned camp in Siberia at the end of a very long train journey. The book remained in my mind, a sweet story about two energetic young children and their young mother. I tried to look for the book, not an easy task when you do not remember either the name of the book, or of the author.

On an impulse, a few days ago, I typed the theme of the book into google in an attempt to locate something about the book.

This time, I hit paydirt, and found not only the name of the book and the author, but also a pdf file of the story. I was thrilled.


And of course, I read the story through. It was such a sweet little tale of two little boys and their adventures in Siberia.

The book was written by Arkady Gaidar, who wrote several books and was a notable member of the Bolshevik party. He died young, serving his country. From this book, I gauge he was an excellent writer as well.

The story goes like this. Chuck and Geck live in Moscow with their mother.

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Their father is a Geologist who is away in Siberia.The book remained in my mind, a sweet story about two energetic young children and their young mother. In the first days of the Great Patriotic War Gaidar was sent to the front as a special correspondent for Komsomolskaya Pravda. Publication history[ edit ] Arkady Gaidar started working upon the story in December Care has been taken to ensure top-class multi-colour printing.

This time, I hit paydirt, and found not only the name of the book and the author, but also a pdf file of the story. The father wants them to visit him for Christmas and New Year.

Mathrubhumi Books will soon bring out Soviet Nattile Balakathakalum Nadodikathakalum spread over two volumes and around 2, pages. To read this story after nearly 30 years!! Chuck and Geck live in Moscow with their mother.

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