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Double Cross is a Japanese superhero RPG about biological monsters. It is made of random tables and weeaboo. Unlike the other Japanese. From publisher blurb: Welcome to the world of Double Cross. In a world Double Cross Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook Blue Amusement PDF version. Welcome to the world of Double Cross. In a world where a virus has the ability to bestow supernatural abilities, you are tasked with the duty to protect the world.

However, the use of those powers threatens their sanity and humanity, and their overuse sees the Overed become an impulsive monster called a Gjaum.

The game pretty much centres around the idea of the PCs being Overeds yet to fall, fighting to protect what is important to them, whilst struggling not to become a threat to what they protect. Against this backdrop various factions have formed, most notable the UGN, being the default PC organisation of Overeds who fight against the Gjaum, and False Hearts, being the default antagonist organisation for the Gjaum. Core System The core system is pretty much the same as Silhouette, which is like to have some mathematically minded RPGers in hives.

But its simple to use and capable of producing amazing success.

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You roll a pool of d10s, no more than 10 and usually around 5 to 8. You take the top die result. However, if you roll any 10s, then you have a critical and you roll those dice again and add 10 to the result.

There also powers that allow the '10' to be lowered for criticals, allowing for Exalted levels of success without rolling more than 10 or so dice on many rolls. Combat The game has two clear focuses.

The first is combat with epic duels and superpowered fights being common occurrences. The power system is filled with specific effects and many are combat focussed.

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So, rather than just superspeed, you have a power to give extra attacks and another to leave an after image to help dodge. The range of powers is pretty amazing including summoning of creatures, mecha, cybernetics, and the usual fare. You can also play a superpowered animal, AI, item, forest, or idea that has taken human form. In addition to the powers, each PC has two innate abilities that are a real highlight for me. The first is called Resurrect and arise from the virus making each Overed more durable.

When they reach incapacitation or death, they innately swap damage for Encroachment. This means that a PC is unlikely to be killed during a game, but the more they risk death, the more they risk becoming a Gjaum at the end of the game see below. The second is called Warding. Any person that achieves superpowers through the Renegade is called an Overed.

However, the virus is a double-edged sword. The more an Overed uses his powers, the more the virus encroaches on his host's mind.

Eventually, the virus will take over his entire being and the Overed becomes an uncontrollable beast called a Gjaum. In Double Cross, players will play the role of Overeds who will protect the now fragile world from the Renegade virus while carrying on with their own lives.

The shadow of the Renegade may appear anywhere. To fight off the Renegade, one must rely on the very same virus.

Double Cross

To protect the world as they know it, characters must use the powers of the Overed. Double Cross is a game where all participants cooperate together to bring a story to life.

To facilitate the progression of a session, the Golden Rules have been created. These rules overrule all other rules and data that exists in this rulebook and any future supplements.

The GM of a Double Cross session has the following powers. When exercising these powers, the GM should do his best to follow the correct rules. Exercise these powers justly and fairly towards all.

Ruling Verdicts The atmosphere of a session is formed from the imagination of the participants and the rules of this game. The rules are written to help simulate an in-game world, but there will be times when the rules are misinterpreted. In the event that there is confusion over certain rules, the GM has final say as to how a rule should be applied. In addition, the GM may also create, change, or ignore rules as needed.

If a player makes a move or roll without the GM'S knowledge, the GM may force the player to redo his actions. The GM may ignore rolls and automatically decide the outcome of any action he performs.

Mistakes in Rule Application If the player or GM incorrectly applies a rule, the mistake must be corrected immediately. However, if the result has already been played out, the session should not be reset just to fix a mistake. Resets should be avoided at all costs.

When resets are freely done, the rules and GM judgment becomes undermined, making the game frustrating. The only victims of a frustrating game are the players.

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This book was written with this goal in mind. While there are many forms of leisure, the players deliberately chose to play this game.

We ask all participants to help ensure that everyone enjoys themselves.When the virus is wrenching your humanity away, only the friendships and rivalries you developed with your fellow man may save your sanity.

In exchange for various powers. Certain Skills listed on the Work chart will have a number next to it. Their concern is that PDF would somehow undermine that sales cycle. The game pretty much centres around the idea of the PCs being Overeds yet to fall, fighting to protect what is important to them, whilst struggling not to become a threat to what they protect.

Construction Construction is a simplified method of character creation where players are guided through the process so that they do not make unbalanced characters.

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